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Diary of an Angsty Naruto Writer
ever wanted to know what goes through an angsty writers head? a NARUTO-based angsty writer? here is what goes through our messed up minds.
deadly little butterflies
deadly little butterflies, opalescent white against a dirty paper sky

"Aniki! Aniki! Will you teach me to be a great warrior?"
"Ah, my little otouto. That is for the butterflies to decide."
"But, aniki! What if the butterflies say no?"
"Then I will never teach you anything."
"But, but, but... are the butterflies that evil?"
"Haha, otouto. You have no idea of the meaning of evil."

will these deadly little butterflies ever dissapear and leave me alone here?

"Ah, otouto. Back early, it seems."
"W-what have you done to okaasan and otoosan?"
"I have killed them."
"But, but that would be..."
"Evil? Otouto, the butterflies have decided, and i am not one to go against their ways."
"... Aniki, why d-do you sound different?"

ah, deadly little butterflies. how shall i count the ways to die?

"Sasuke! Are you...?"
"I'm... dying... heh."
"Why? Why did you do that?"
"... I... followed the butterflies... they led me to you..."
"W-what? Sasuke? Sasuke!"
"... dobe... you owe me..."

deadly little butterflies, watching calmly as I fly in fear.

"What are you?"
"I'm your friend. And unlike those butterflies you are always talking about, I'm not going to let you just fly away!"
"Dobe. You know, we'll always be friends. I don't need you to get hurt trying to stop me."
"Then why are we fighting?"
"Because I need to kill my brother more than I need you."
"That... hurt."
"I know. But I don't take back what I say. Ever."
"Then lets get this over with."
"I... I am sorry."

deadly little butterflies, listening to you say goodbye.

"Naruto... I should kill you, to become stronger. But that is what my brother would have done. And I am not my brother. I will never be. Besides, you are... my precious person. ...I, um... thanks, dobe."
"... Sasuke."
"Eh? You are still conscious?"
"Barely. You really... kicked my a** back there. Nice job."
"You never cease to amaze me. I have to go now."
"As you wish. I'll be waiting."
"Yeah. Take care of my hitai-ate while I'm gone."
"Good-bye Naruto."
"Aren't you going to...?"
"No. Because it makes me feel like you maybe you won't come back..."

deadly little butterflies...

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