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My Thoughts and Actions I'll post here what I am thinking, feeling and want to do or did.

The Great Guardian Angel
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I'm Sorry
I'm sorry,

I keep saying sorry as a polite way of telling people I don't give a s**t but I know I hurt you and ******** up somewhere. The funny thing is I have a new outlook on my life. Now I actually mean it, when I say sorry I actually mean I'm sorry I hurt, wasted your time, lied to you and so on. This is my heart saying sorry. I just want to know where I screwed up my life. How come i'm not that perfect son my dad always wanted. Why am I here? What's my need on earth? Am I just another stupid lab rat thrown out into life to see how painful I can make life on my self. Why did I become a ******** up? I've always wanted to be happy... To make a beautiful wife happy one day. I wouldn't be like those other selfish ******** who sit on their lazy fat asses while the wonderful girl does the cleaning, cooking and loving. Life is disgusting. Woman are human to... In fact they are better than human. Men think their tough construction job is hard. Does he even think that she has to listen to him whine like a fat pig and bark orders like a sheep dog. Women do all the same s**t men do BUT they PMS. If any guy complains about s**t in your face; tell him to go ******** his eye and try PMS'ing. I don't know what it would be like but I know it's tough. What I'm getting at is I'm sorry if I have ever been that lazy a*****e sitting on the couch with his thumb up his a**. I don't think I have ever done this because I respect woman. All I have to say is I'm sorry, I'm sorry for anyone who has talked to me. I'm sorry for anyone who has looked at me. I'm sorry to all woman for putting up with our race. I'm not perfect and I don't wish to be because then I wouldn't be the ******** p***k I am.

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"I Protect All That I Can"
"I watch peacefully above as you struggle and fall below, when the time is right i'll come down and carry you back up with me"

-The Great Guardian Angel

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