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NuLova Stories, poems and thoughs
Stories are my favorite to rite and I hope the others enjoy reading them
Confused Hybrid #103
Aoi let out a quiet sigh once she had finished cleaning up Eden. The female actually looked healthier than she did when Aoi had first arrived, despite the fact that Eden had gotten her a** practically handed to her by that brute of a king Nocantion.
"Mmm...thanks....Aoi" Eden groaned out, and got a surprised look from Aoi.
The look made Eden let out a breahtless chuckle "Hey told you....I was doing better...I should be all good....in about....two more hours" Eden said in a strained voice, but took in a deep breath and looked straight up at the ceiling "Arions....blood...its strong...he is after all....a pure blood" she said with another groan.
"Wait if he's a pureblood...then....how come he's a guard?" Aoi asked a bit confused, "no...never mind, dont answer that. What you need to do is rest." Aoi said standing, noticing that Eden was staring at her with warmth in her eyes, it was so clear Aoi had to look away because of how uncomfortable it was making her feel.
"You can tell me....after you're up and moving....and able to kick some leech a**" Aoi said with a small smile at the thought.
"Heh...you are too sweet...you're going to give me...diabetes" Eden said getting a chortled out chuckle from Aoi.
"Yeah...sure....riiiight.....just...just focus on getting better...I'ma....Im going to get ready to have a meeting with our overlord." Aoi said going over to the dresser, but.... she decided against changing 'Screw it' she thought and walked out of her cell the way she was dressed. She was 'Royally' pissed, and she would have laughed on any other occasion, at the somewhat, irony. But right now....no right now, she was fighting the urge to go on a killing spree.
Just as she walked out of the dungeons and got up to the main hall, she heard footsteps coming her way, the hair at the back of her neck stood on end as she prepared for some fighting. But the guards didnt go for her, they didnt stop, didnt hiss, didnt even bother looking at her.
There were eight vampire guards, and not a single one bothered to look at her.
But she heard why, apparently the Leech king had some unwanted guest.
Aoi just looked after the guards, to go up to the meeting room? OR to follow them? She wondered, after all an enemy of her enemy was her friend, and even though she had a greed to come to the vampires territory and to work with them, she regretted it. Why? Because she had a feeling Nocantion wasnt going to keep up his end of the bargain. She already saw him plotting against the Nakaura.
Taking in a deep breath, she made up her mind, a small peek was not going to hurt, and she wasnt going to lose more time than she already has.

The Nakaura stopped running once they were practically at the front step of, behind them the Aerton, followed suit, stopping right with them, and from above, the Howllfaten, with a nature grace that it almost seemed like they were putting on a show. A show for the guards that had rushed out the second the Nakaura changed back to their human form.
Kaname let out a growl, but settled down just as fast as the growl rose.
"State your business!" a thick, tall male yelled as they held their weapons at the ready.

Shiro coward behind Shima, who just glared at the vampires, she wanted to calm down, but she couldnt her heart was practically at her throat as fear pumped through her veins.
"Do they not know who we are?" Shima quietly ground out.
Terron, Kweions private guard, walked forward "I belive they do know who you are, I am just assuming they do not care, Lady Aerton" Terron replied with respect and a small bow of the head.
Hearing Terron speak next to her, when she least expected got the young lioness to flinch and nearly jump back, causing her little brother to glare at the guard.
"Forgive me My Lady, my Lord, I did not mean to startle you" Terron quietly said.
"HEY! State! Your! Business!" the guard said rudely once more.
"We are the Alphas of the Nakaura, Aerton, and Howllfanten clans. We seek to speak with your king" Fevrion replied walking forward.
"Continue this and you will receive war" Kaname said as he too walked up next to his father.
He could see the vampires thinking on what to do.
The thick, brute of a guard, lowered his weapon as did the other seven guards.
"Very well, I shall take you to our King" he said, forcefully and turned on his heal, motioning for four of the guards to stay behind.

As Kweion walked by Shima, he grabbed her hand and gave it a small squeeze in reassurance. Though what he really wanted to do was something else, he fought the need to do so right now.
Looking at Terron, Kweion was sure that his private guard would watch over Shima and her brother, with his life.
And just like that, the Alphas and Elites walked in, leaving Shima, Kathrin, and Shiro behind with nine guards of their own.

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