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Character Profiles, for WoO and beyond
I was born:

But they call me:
The Catalyst

I first saw the sky:
Long Forgotten

Celebrate once a year:
Sometime B.C. But by the human calender, Friday, October 13th

Candles on my cake:
Never ask a lady her age

Where you‘ll find me now:
The Americas, Africa, and Europe, interchangeably

My extended family:

This book‘s cover:
As a shape shifter, the young girl is rarely seen in the same form twice, leave for her true appearance, which is just as elusive as her other identities. She has a rather pale complexion and heterochromatic eyes (the right violet and the left gold). Her hair is white, hinting to both her age and unearthly nature, and her smooth features offer a misleading visage of innocence. As a once-heavenly being, Nyx appears fair, if not beautiful, especially in the mortal eye, but her divine aesthetics are well hidden under her icy veneer. Because she is no longer attempting to hide her identity in her natural form, Nyx's expression loses all warm, if not human-like, attributes in exchange for a more sadistic, ruthless facade. The only thing more frightening than her power is her undiluted glare which pierces venomously into the unprotected mind.

Standing up:
Nyx is not particularly tall, about 5'9” all together. Not quite petite, but certainly fit, she bears a rather slender, athletic torso that gently leads down into curvaceous hips. Her figure is both youthful and womanly, with voluptuous hips and a small waist, as well as athletic – a byproduct of her mischief abroad. What she lacks in stature, Nyx makes up for a tenfold in presence. If she did not choose disguise, even humans unaffected by the magi-nuclear holocaust could detect her invasive ambiance. Though she rarely exposes, let alone uses them, she bears four wings typical of cherubim. The wings are arranged in two symmetric, vertically aligned pairs protruding just above and below her shoulder blades. The top pair are larger, mainly used for acceleration and force, where the bottom pair are only half the size of their counterparts and mainly steer the cherub. Originally, these bodies were pure, flawless white. But ever since her fall, Nyx's wings have gradually been tainted. The very tips of her wings are accented with black on the ends of her feathers. However, the closer her wings draw to Nyx's body, the darker they get. Her wings gradually fade into an off-black; her elegant feathers sheen an iridescent array of colors in the light, much like a raven. At the bend of her inner wings, much like a red-winged blackbird, is hidden a vibrant patch of blue feathers that fades from celestial to tropical blue.

Dress for success:
Whatever will hide her most effectively

Go down fighting:
Nyx uses her shadow fire ability sparingly, as it tolls her, as well. Still, she prefers the efficiency of furtive infiltration and surreptitious tactics, and thus carries only three weapons: retractable, hook-like blades she interchanges between her every pair of gloves and a scorpion blade which bears an inscription only she and a few others can translate. In her more arrogant days, she boasted a scythe she won from the fates in a bet.

I need more…:
Nyx has the ability to shape shift, one of the only reasons she has been able to furtively exist on the same planet as the rest of the Abandoned. And, as her wings imply, she is able to fly. Her signature gift, however, is her shadow fire. Unlike regular flames, bear qualities quite opposite. This unique flame is so black, it seems to absorb the shadows, while, at the same time, making that around it lighter in comparison. Likewise, it is not incredibly hot, but incredibly cold. It's actual temperature can reach negatives that are closer to absolute zero than liquid nitrogen, pending on energy expenditure and concentration. Still, Nyx does not utilize nor take nearly as much pride in these abilities as she does her mind. Nyx is a manipulator, a chess player whose pawns include any fool who believes he or she can think for themselves.

I’ve got my uses:
Before the war ended, Nyx doubled as a skilled sleuth and covert agent. Her shape shifting abilities as well as her unprecedented understanding of psychology enabled her to do so. She is a skilled liar, if not actress, and considers a disguise much like an artistic masterpiece.

My karma ran over your dogma:
In such desperate times, Nyx believes in little but 'here' and 'now'. She knows that Heaven, Hell, and their respective beings exist, therefore it is not a matter of faith. In the past, she has served either of the allegiances and found that, with the Abandoned semi-united as they are, she no longer bears a place anywhere. Her morality is slim to none, she has always done as she wishes and will continue to do so, especially if it means survival. This is not to say she has no emotion, however – far from it, in fact. Nyx is full of contempt and pride, hatred and fear.

It‘s not just an act:
A natural-born observer, Nyx has always had a keen eye for detail and nature. In her youth, she always preferred to watch nature take its course, noting the tendencies of mortals and immortals alike, their common places and their opposites. Her curiosity and scholarly inclinations engrossed her into an obsession. Though creative and artistic at heart, she denies her nature in pursuit of logic and dispassion. Long secluded from her surreal life, the cherub is dedicated to causing mischief and mayhem in the most indirect ways. She loves trickery and tact, always planning out her moves thoroughly and improvising well on her feet. The shape shifter is absolutely infatuated with turning the tables and inducing as much damage as possible with the most subtle of moves, as if she were never there to begin with. Lulled into this passion, Nyx has long lost her social life, her mannerisms only shadows of her former self, though her facade of social exuberance is quite convincing. Incidentally, she can be quite intolerant and sardonic when not in disguise, and though she can generally pull off a veneer of sadistic apathy, she is no sociopath. She does have an emotional weakness unknown to all, that is her pet ferret whom is always on her person, despite her form, Danni. The one way to kindle true fury and spite in the woman is to beat her at her own game. Should someone trick Nyx, she will eternally hold a grudge.

What more do you need to know?:
The funny thing about purpose is that it is not an indefinite endeavor. Wiley the Cyote ceaselessly chases the road runner in the desolate desert, regardless of his countless losses, because it gives him purpose. Sure, there are plenty of other fish in the sea, but once his only goal is achieved, what is left? Nyx once served Heaven, her goal to spread morality and peace. She failed. Nyx once served hell, her goal to bring about utter destruction and havoc. She succeeded. More so than anyone could have projected. Her own ire brought about the Abandonment, and now, she is a cyote with a full somach and an empty agenda. Still, she exists in secrecy, hiding from her fellow, vengeful Abandoned. In order to maintain her cover, Nyx must move between the Americas, Africa, and on rare occasion, Europe to hide amongst the elves, humans, and dwarves, respectively. Perhaps it is time for her to re-evaluate?

Art by myself

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