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Random Stuff, and RP's. Yay for RP's!

Leonite Cross
Community Member
Chapter One


Rolling over to hit the alarm, Leon groggily sat up and and rubbed his eyes. "Aughn... is it really Seven already...?" He looked at his alarm again, and saw that it was flashing Seven A.M. And with another groan, Leon threw the covers off himself, and swung his legs over his bed. Once again rubbing his eyes, Leon then stood up and stretched, letting out along groan, and chopped his mouth a few times as well. Looking back at his clock, which now showed 07:02. Groaning again, he walked towards his door, and walking out of his room, he walked down the hall to the bathroom, quickly undressed and hopped into the shower. After several minutes, he got back out and dressed back up into his school uniform. He went back to his room, and glanced at the clock again. 07:17. "Crap! I've got to go!" He mumbled under his breath, and ran back out of his bedroom, he ran out his front door and started to run down the pathway from his house, heading towards the school on Battle Island. The school was at least a fifteen minute run, and it was about ten minutes until School started. Picking up his speed, he started to sprint towards the school. He passed several streets, a car or two, and even a few shops.

Within a few minutes the school showed up in the horizen. Though it was small at first, eventually it got bigger and bigger, until he arrived at the front door. When he got to the front door, he ran right through, and slammed into it, pushing right through and into the main foyer of the school. Running right past his friends and classmates, he ran straight to his class room, hardly stopping to even open the door and get inside. He ran straight to his desk, and sat down, practically falling down into the seat. Leon as gasping for air, and both the teacher and his classmates gave him strange looks. "Nice of you to join us Mr. Cross. I am only not going to consider you tardy because your name is fourth in the attendance, and your name hasn't been called yet. So, Mr. Cross. Are you present?" his teacher, Mr.Howard asked, his town playfully sarcastic tone. When called, still panting, Leon stood up. "Present Mr. Howard!" And then he sat back down. Slowly catching his breath, Leon realized he had left his backpack at his home. A feeling of dread, cold as ice, coursed through his veins. Just then, another student ran into the class room.Leonite looked up as the second tardy student ran into the class. The teacher only let out a long sigh and marked the girl who just ran in as ‘present’. Leon looked at the girl, and noticed she was wearing the same martial arts gi as him, which meant that she was a martial artist too… Leon stared as she took her seat; a slight pink blush tinted her face as she sat down, likely from being tardy. It was around that time that the teacher stood up and walked to the front of the class, and called the class to attention. “Okay now, everyone pass last night’s homework to the front of your rows for me to collect, then pull out your notebooks and prepare to copy.” A sudden chill of fear coursed through Leon’s veins, as he had realized he had forgotten his backpack at his home in his rush to get to school. Playing it off as if he already passed his homework up, he turned around and grabbed the homework from the two students behind him, and passed it up. He then had another minor chill, and realized he also didn’t have and pencils or paper… So he turned to the student to his left and whispered to him. “Psst… Hey, can I borrow a pencil and some paper?” Much to the other student’s annoyance. “Forgot your stuff, Again?” And let out a sigh, as the other student dug out an extra notebook and a pencil for Leon, and passed them off to him. Leon took the paper and pencil and gave a quick nod. “Thanks mate, you’re a life saver.” The other student nodded and otherwise ignored Leon. The teacher then started to go into a history lesson about Goku’s earlier achievements, and after a few short minutes Leon’s eyelids were already started to feel heavy like lead, and try as he might, he was unable to keep them open. Soon after, the bell for the class rang, and the scurrying of students for the door woke Leon up. As students left the classroom the teacher raised his voice above the chitter-chatter of all the kids trying to leave the class. “Don’t forget! Test next Wednesday!” A few groans and a sigh here and there could be heard, and for the third time today, Leon felt another wave of regret and guilt courses through his veins like ice.

Gathering the supplies that were lent to him, and wiping the drool off his face, Leon stood up and scurried out the door, and caught glimpse of the orange gi of the girl from before, and he wondered why he had never seen her before…. But she disappeared from sight in the crowd of students, as brightly colored as the gi was. Leon shrugged to himself and headed towards his favorite ‘school’ class. Gym. Leon stopped by his locker, put in the 3 number combination to the pad lock and took the padlock off, he opened his locker slowly, to avoid the mountain of papers from falling out….. only there was no mountains, nor was there a single paper… Then he remembered it was only the first day of school… he still had hundreds of day to make that fear a reality, though it wasn’t on purpose… it just happened somehow… Shaking his head to get himself out of his stupor, he placed his ‘acquired’ notebook and pencil in the locker, shut the locker and reattached the padlock. The halls were nearly empty now, and he was about to be late to his second class, not a pattern he wished to set so early in the year, so he moved into a dead sprint towards the gymnasium… After a minute, he arrived at his favorite class, and stood in his usual spot for roll call. While waiting for his name to be called, he listened and looked around for people he knew. He saw several faces that he recognized, and also quite a few that he didn’t. He guessed that a lot of freshmen were in this class this year, as most of the faces were new. He then noticed the girl again… the one from before that had the same Gi he did…. He almost didn’t hear his name as the coach called his name, and once his name was repeated, he finally responded, his attention pulled away from the girl. “Here!” he shouted, and tried to listen for the new girls name to be called, but some of his buddies from last year started to talk to him, and he didn’t hear her name get called. “Hey bro, what’s up?” Leon turned to face the guy that was talking to him, and saw that it was his longtime friend Adam. Leon grinned at Adam. “Oh, the usual. Training, Gonna be the best, yadda yadda, save the world and all that jazz. s**t belongs in poetry.” And then he laughed. Adam laughed a lil too. “I see. What did you do during Summer?” Leon laughed a lil harder. “I just told you, I trained and got stronger.” Adam grinned and laughed a lil. “You seriously are that into that martial arts stuff? You wasted your whole summer, doing work?” Leon was about to respond, but the teacher called the class towards her, and started to have them do stretches to get their muscles ready for the exercise they were about to do. After several minutes of stretching, It finally ended, and the teacher began to name off the students by one’s and two’s. ‘Guess its dodgeball or medic day today…’ This was one of the favorite parts of this class for Leon, it was a chance to show off a little. Leon was picked as a Two, and went to the other side of the Gym. A bunch of rubber inflated balls were placed in the middle of the gym after all the students went to their sides, And Leon saw that mystery girl was on the opposing side, but Adam was on his. “Lets get them brother!” Adam shouted to Leon once the whistle blew and everyone made a mad dash for the little balls of ‘death’. Leon grabbed one and quickly retreated from the frenzy in the middle, and found a target of opportunity. A kid on the other side, without a ball and his attention not even on Leon, the other kids eyes solely on the frenzy of thrown balls in the center of the gym. Leon lined up the shot and cocked his arm back, aiming to snipe the kid while he wasn’t looking when suddenly he got a strange feeling, and quicker than he could physically think, he ducked down as low as possible, and just barely missed the ball that would have hit him square in the chest, had he not moved out of the way. Looking for his assailant, but to no avail, he growled and put his sights back on his prey, which was now towards the back of the gym, making it a harder shot… but Leon could do it if he concentrated. He could cheat a little… but that was doing something he was told to never do outside of…. That class… Oh well. He needed to practice anyway… Leon closed his eyes and concentrated on the ball in his hands, on his arms and on his core. Slowly sending energy into his palms, from his torso up into his arms and down into his hands, and let it build. He wasn’t sure if he had done it right, but now was the time to find out! Leon arched his hand back, and locked onto his prey. He then let the ball go with all his force, and watched as the ball seemed to be moving in slow motion towards its intended target. Right as the ball seemed that it would strike its target, his own ball was struck mid-air by another ball, and sent both flying in different directions. Leon blinked a few times and was quite unsure what had just happened. He didn’t know who was quick enough or accurate enough to actually hit a ball midair, let alone one of his own! Leon guessed only one person could have the skill and ability to do such a feat, and looked for the girl in the Gi…. But to no avail. She had disappeared…

As if taking a que off stage, Leon looked about real quick, and noticed that no one was paying particular attention to him, and he slowly walked away, making sure no one was watching him, heading towards the bathrooms in the hallway, in case someone asked, and when he was out of the gym, he started to look around for her… And thought he caught a glimpse of her rounding a corner, and he started to chase after her in a sprint. Rounding the corner several seconds after he saw her, he had lost her already lost her again, but upon closer inspection, he noticed that a door was slowly closing, one of those air pressure doors that close slowly to reduce noise. Leon then ran to the door and ran outside to a small outside area, a small gazebo and a few benches were outside, and several trees dotted the landscape for shade. Leon slowly walked outside, looking for more signs of the girl he was chasing. But, once again she had escaped him. Cursing out loud, he grumbled and growled as he kept walking, until and eryee silence suddenly overtook the surroundings. Leon instantly froze. Without moving his head, he listened and looked about with his eyes. Only the slightest sound, but enough to give away her position, Leon heard a slight rustle in a tree, just in time to avoid her attack, in the form of an ax kick. Leon jumped back just as her kick was about to connect with his dome, but instead she found her foot sinking into the ground. Leon growled and started to yell at her. “What the hell was that for you crazy ******** idiot!? That could have seriously hurt me!” The girl simply smirked and pulled her foot out of the ground, and turned to face him, the same s**t-eatting grin on her face still, and then without a word she charged at him via a powerful jump, she rocketed towards him, her arm cocked back like she was about to punch. Leon quickly get into a hasty defensive stance, bracing himself against the impact that she was about to deal to him, but she threw the punch, and Leon grabbed her extended arm and shoulder tossed her using both the power of her punch and her momentum to send her flying. “Take that!” he shouted as he did so. Leon grinned smugly after the throw, but the smugness of that grin soon faded as he watched her soar. He watched her flip midair and then land on her feet, as if nothing had happened. Leon’s anger started to boil, and he clenched his fists. “Okay, start talking! Who the hell are you, and why are you attacking me?”

(Will continue later.)

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