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Wow, it's been rough lately.

Recently, my dad was hospitalized with lymphoma, which is a cancer, and he has a tumor on the side of his stomach, so he has recently been feeling like s**t. Heh, wouldn't blame him. The thing he's probably worried most about is that he won't see his parents, who are back in Greece, and live in that awesome looking apartment place near the Bay of Alexandria in Thessaloniki (thuh sell oh nee kee). They made arrangements to come here for a while till pop gets better. Since he's in the hospital, Its going to be easier to find a place for them to sleep: we use pop's room. My mom already paid me and Jenny (my sis) $20 an hour to hepl redecorate the room all greek like, to make them happy. I also made a cool $88.50, and my sis got $60-something.

Since papu and yaya (grandma and grandpa in greek) are coming on such short notice, and since I'm studying Ancient Greece (makes me think of 300) in history calss, they might be able to help me with my homework and projects and such. I figure if i can, cool. I really hope my dad comes home soon. I really miss him, and the house is just so boring without him. But my whole family understands, so thats a plus.

Thank god school is almost over!!!! I have only 40 or 35 days left of school. The 7th grade sucks. The whole school is a wreck, the THREE principals are faggots, and the teachers are dumb or gay or boring, yet sometimes cool...

For first period, i have Ms. Bujak, who would seem like a kindergarten teacher. mean, you could slap her across the face and she'll just smile and say "Thats not nice". Man, I swear she likes homo d**k up her a** (according to one of my friends, Jose, and speaking of Jose, we went on a field trip last year at the end of the year, and Jose and I were running to the pool, and i lost him in the crown, so I yelleed "JOSE!!" and abouth 20 people looked up! How ******** up is that?).

Then for second period. I have Mr. Greenwood for health, or Mr. Denado, on altermating days. Mr. Greenwood is OLD. And racist. And sexist. And a terrorist. But the three whale principals just LOVE him to death, and would NEVER let him go. Oh, did I tell you he had his 72nd birthday last week (for that, I swiped some of those damn dry erase markers. HAPPY MOTHER ******** BIRTHDAY, YOU OLD, ROTTEN, s**t-FOR-BRAINS SON OF A b***h!!!!!!)
And Mr. Denado isn't much better. Her a big, giant perv. While doing push-ups, i saw him looking down my friend Tori's shirt. Second, he thinks he's so smooth. Like when we're playing handball, he kept making passes from behind his back. He's full of himself.

Then for third period, I have Mr. Bowling, who is actually neat. He's funny and nice and a good teacher. and he takes us outside to do tests on these three creeks (out of the three: Head Waters, Gotcha Gully, and Rascal Flats, I got the best: Rascal Flats). The work is kind of boring, but afterwards me and my lab group look for animals, like fish, worms, salamanders, and crayfish, to name a few. But this cool period has the crappiest period after it: fourth period with *gulp* Mrs Orbon.

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