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Hey sup...
Welcome Back Eric
Chapter 1-Eric's Morning

Ring.....ring......ring......beep....Hey Eric, it's Jerry...Um I just wanted to call to see if you wanted to maybe see a movie today...so um....yeah, call me back, bye...beep....

"Heh...a movie huh," Eric slyly said sitting up from his bed. He swooted away a piece of hair that covered one of his light brown, with a hint of gold, eyes, then sighed. Today was his 20th birthday, and all he wanted to do was sleep. But he knew he would be bothered by 'happy birthday and many many more' calls (mostly from his mother), so there was no point of relaxing.

He got up from the bed lazily walking to his kitchen. He didn’t mind, his apartment was small and the kitchen wasn’t for away. Opening the fridge door, he took a milk carton and drank it. While drinking it, he spotted a picture on the floor. After putting the milk away, he walked over to the picture and bent down to look at it. It was him in 9th grade...with his old pals...no....not pals, anything but that...

He hated them....

Eric rolled his eyes dropping the picture into the trash can....

"Hey Eric, um I called you this morning, did u get my massage," Jerry greeted him. Eric rolled his eyes letting his boyfriend inside. Jerry smiled walking inside and getting comfortable on the couch. Jerry had blond hair that hit his shoulders with grayish eyes. His gold mustache barley showed and had a hint of a after shave. Eric didn’t like the mustache at all, but got tired of having to remind Jerry. The only thing Eric did like about Jerry’s appearance was that he wasn’t a bad looking guy. Eric also had a nice look to him. Before he was fat (obese fat) and couldn’t get a single girl to notice him (or guy in his case). But that all changed when he turned 16 years old and moved out of South Park. He had grown out of his "baby fat" as he called it, (but, still chubby) He had gotten pierced on his left ear and belly button.
Eric sat next to Jerry tying up his shoe laces. Jerry looked down, smiled, and started pinching Eric’s side. Eric sat up quickly punching Jerry’s arm. “Jerry, what the ******** do that!” Jerry only laughed at the red faced one. “Sorry babe just couldn’t help my self.” Eric turned his head pouting, “Don’t call me babe asswhole.”

Jerry started the car up waiting for Eric to get in. Eric walked out of the house, locking the door. As soon as he retched the car door, his cell phone rung. He flipped it open. His manager was calling. He pressed answer and put the phone up to his ear. “Hello,” “Eric?! Oh god, I was trying to call you! Where are you, you gotta sign autographs, and talk to your fans! You are suppose to be at-”

Oh yeah, between the years of leaving South Park, he has been taking singing classes and soon became the most popular boy singer there is, and is loved by everyone....his fans that is....

Eric sighed. He closed his cell and got into the car. He turned to Jerry. “Uh, we can’t go to the movies today Jer, I forgot about that thing I had to do with the fans and all that crap.” Jerry looked disappointed at first, and then smiled warmly. “Okay Eric, were we going?” Eric sighed looking out the window.

"Well.....were going down to South Park....were you will meet some...freinds of mine."

This is the intro of the fanfic I just thought of just now (^_^)I’m not gonna be a bum and not finish this one, I like where this is going so far so I’m gonna continue this.....

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