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Just dropped in, to see what condition my condition was in

Sweet Amber
Community Member
Tattoo half-sleeve app. #1 (out of 4)
i'm SO happy!!! for my b-day (halloween), i went balls to the wall and got my first tattoo!! i decided i was tired of being a wuss dragging my feet on getting it.... and that if i was going to get a tattoo, i was going to make it one hell of a special tattoo.

appointment 1 (out of 4) took about 2 hours of lineart for my half-sleeve (elbow to wrist tattoo). there was some uncomfortable parts, but actually getting it did not hurt. the day after hurt a little bit. mostly stung like a medium level sunburn.

for those who know me, know that this tattoo theme is very much a part of who i am. for those who don't know me, i didn't want to just go willy nilly and pick a random pretty tat. i wanted to get something that represented me, that was special to me. i'm going to have it for the rest of my life in plain view for everyone to see... i wanted to make damn sure it was something that i respect and care for. and i SERIOUSLY doubt i will ever hate the theme. they have been a part of my life for about 25 years so far.... i have a whole room just for their toys and merchandise.... i don't think i'm going to hate them any time soon....

they are....



my little ponies!! surprised

first set of pics:

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

appointment 2 will finish coloring the rest of the ponies and start in on the background meadow and flowers.

Got Art? Commission me! :3
Current Status: Closed at the moment!!! (first customer! surprised heart )

Greetings and salutations!

After once owning and closing an art request shop a long, long time ago and doing a few years of random drawings for random people, I have decided to do commissions! blaugh heart I really don't recall how I came to that conclusion, but I did...

I am horribly unorganized and I have a hard time keeping up with waiting lists and who's done what when. I'm terrible with auctions too. D: So I figure I will keep it simple. one commission customer at a time.

I do not list prices.....because....well.... I have no set prices. I have always let the customer pick what they think my art is worth. That does not mean say something like " i'll pay 200 gold and a pair of starter shoes for...." I give detailed work, black & white line art plus a color version, and sometimes throw in bonus work. surprised I'm not a price newb, please don't treat me like one or I will sic an attack ferret on you. Don't be scared off by the whole pick-the-price thing, ok? :3 Some people get kinda freaked by that system.... don't be. We can work it out, alright? Gold only. No art trades. I have been burned too many times on them. emo

I want to warn you though, I tend to be more on the... slower side as far as how quick I get a picture done. I am a slow inker. I use india ink & itty bitty paintbrushes to ink with so pretty please with a cherry on top cut me some slack on how slow I go. blaugh heart

If you want a commission, please PM me ONLY.
I respect customer privacy and would like to keep our deals in pm only. ok? :3

If you'd like to just random chit chat with me, feel free to post here, in my profile comments or in my quest thread! where I hang out the most.

Things I have no problem drawing:
- Gore / "Dark" work- I have no problem getting graphic with it...
- Couples
- Super sexy but not nude
- Chibi

Things I'm not great at but will draw if I need to:
- Guns
- Animals

- mecha!! robots!! seriously... I will never EVER let those few robot drawings out of their hidey hole.... NEVA EVA! Don't. Ask. D:

I already briefly mentioned this but....
What you get:
- Black & White line art
- Cgi coloring
- And/or some ink wash coloring.
- pretty effects (ooooh... aaaaah)

Oh and sometimes I have different ideas for how I want the final picture to look, so you might end up with different edits (different colors, different effects, close up/far way, etc. )of the same picture.

I know artists have the reputation of being snotty bitches, but I am very, very easy to work with. Just talk with me. If you have a theme, trademark item, certain personality/emotion you want shown or something else specific you want to say or hold or.....whatever.... Pm me. I don't bite... well... only if you're bad. blaugh

I know, I know....

Some of the avvie examples are older and some are newer... just wanted to have plenty of examples to show. :3 Not all of them are gaia related.

Chibi line art example:

[ x ]

Chibi Cgi example:

[ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

Regular line art example:

[ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ]

Regular Cgi art example:

[ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ] [ X ]

Other miscellaneous art styles:

[ sorta cgi/ grayscale ] [ Pencil ]

Sweet Amber
Community Member

Sweet Amber
Community Member
Amber's Tragedy... TT___TT

oh why must it be
that life is so cruel
unfair and unjust
must this be the rule?

Halloween was my 27th b-day and i also got married that night.. a lot of relatives come up for the wedding. Oct. 30th, i was hanging out with a cousin at another house playing video games till about 1am. when john (my husband) and i went home, he gave me a b-day gift and we talked in the livingroom for a little bit. afterwards i went to my room to change into pjs. my 5 ferrets stay in that room and when i walked by, i gave them a new scoop of food and i noticed that Sabbie was sleeping in the bucket ( it's really a little container with a blanket in it that some of the fuz like to sleep in ) instead of the hammick. Sabbie looked so cute, all curled up and peacful, i just had to reach in and pet him. when i pet him, i noticed he was as cold as ice. i yelled for john and said something was wrong, as soon as john came in there, i told him how cold sabbie was. john went to pick him up and poor little sabbie was all stiff and cold. it looks like he had passed away sometime late night? not really sure. he was in perfect health as far as we knew. earlier that day he was active and playful. i have no clue what killed him. It looked like he just got in bed to go to sleep because he was in a typical sabbie sleeping pose. he looked like he passed away peaceful though, so that is some comfort. it just feels so not fair. Sabbie baby loved everyone and everything. Out of my 5 ferrets, he was the nicest to everyone and everything. He loved so much. he was so carefree. even though i've had him for 3 years, it feels like i just got him. when we found him at the pet store, he was all by himself. no toys, no friends... everything was gone. he looked so lonely. i'll never forget the look on his face when we brought him home to his new big brother and big sis... his little face lit up. he was SO happy to have a family again. i know you should love your pets all equally, but secertly, little Saberhagen was my fave. i always called him my Sabbie Baby. he was taken from us way too soon and we are going to miss him so much. i've had a lot of pets in my life so far, but none have hit me this hard. it's such a terrible feeling. Sabbies passing has left a huge hole in my heart. it was so horrible finding him like that, that i can't even put it in to words... i can't stop thinking about poor little sabbie either. it's just not fair to take him away so out of the blue like that. i had no time to prepare for that... i had no time to say good bye. sad it's just not fair. i feel so guilty for not being there for him when he passed away. i don't know if i could have helped or not, but i would have liked to have been there for him.

sabbie was the 3rd ferret john and i ever got. from oldest to youngest it goes: the Baroness, Ace, Sabbie, Sause, Sunfire. the baroness and ace knew sabbie for the longest because for a long time, it was just the 3 of them. ever since sabbie passed away, the baroness and ace have been depressed. the baroness NEVER sleeps in the bucky because that's where the little brothers would hang out.. but ever since sabbie died, she's been sleeping in the bucky with ace. during playtime, ace and sabbie always played together. where ever big bro went, little bro went. whatever ace did, sabbie did. ace is usually a little troublemaker, getting into places he shouldn't, trying to steal phones or toys or tv remotes... but all during play today, he just went over to the my little pony part of the room (the ferrets love that area) and just laid down. he looked so heartbroken. crying my poor babies.

around 3 in the morning the day of the wedding, in tears, i called a pet service place that cremated pets. of course they were closed, but i wanted to call and leave a message anyways. around 9 am i heard a reply back. she talked with me for a while, telling me about the different kinds of service packages they do for you. the one i picked included them coming and picking up sabbie and also bringing him back home after they were done, clipping and saving some locks of fur and 3 whiskers (which make me cry every time i look at them crying ), 3 little plaster casts of his paws, and of course the creamation and the urn. john helped me pick out a pretty urn that was a beautiful pewter with 3 black stripes near the top. unknown to me, they had just changed up that package. so when she arrived with the urn and other items, she gave me a beautiful sterling silver and black paw print urn necklace. Penny (the lady who ran the service) told me that she put a little of sabbies ashes in the urn necklace for me.

i think it's hard for non (or luke warm) animal lovers to understand. johns mom was someone like that. "oh well, you have other ferrets..." or some other comment like "it's just a ferret." . but sabbie wasn't just some ferret. he wasn't just some pet. he can't just be replaced. he was a part of our little family. he will always be loved by us and he will always be missed. heart

here are some pics of my Sabbie Baby from this year.

User Image

User Image

User Image

these last 2 pics are from early october... they were the last pics i got of sabbie. sabbie LOVED his brothers so much. he always copycated the oldest brother, Ace. and he always played with the youngest boy, Sunfire, even though the other ferrets treated Sunfire like he was a noOb.

User Image

sabbie on his back playing with sunfire (the reddish brown one) with ace walking by in the corner.

User Image

this was a sig pic i made for gaia a few weeks ago. it's a great one of big bro ace and his little sidekick sabbie.

the joy of fish chat.
i love going in to a full room to fish. sometimes you meet really nice people and you have such great coversations that you'll actually regret having to leave. other times, it's so lame, it's funny in a sad sort of way.

i'll let you judge what kind of chat this one was (note: i was p1):

Reminder! Room Names and in-game chat must follow the Terms of Service and Rules & Guidelines. Click here to read more.
Welcome to Gaia Fishing! You will need a rod and some bait available at the fishing shop. Click on one type of bait then click the mouse to begin casting. Watch the power meter and click again to cast. If you catch a fish, move your mouse side to side to keep it between the lines.

Gadget_2008: OF COURSE NOT
SemiEvilOne: oh sorry... alot of people think i'm a guy -.-
kakashi266: yea
Gadget_2008: it's ok
Gadget_2008: AVADA KEDAVRA
kakashi266: if this room was full of girl i would have left
Gadget_2008: I just used the same spell on p1
kakashi266: it going to be hard to hit me
SemiEvilOne: lol.. do you not like a bunch of girls?
Gadget_2008: now he/she won't be terrorizing us with her mask
kakashi266: no usally they start saying s**t i dont understand
SemiEvilOne leaves the chat.
katringo leaves the chat.
kakashi266: an i run like hell
Gadget_2008: WHAT THE ********
Gadget_2008: P1 IS STILL ALIVE
Gadget_2008: IMPOSSIBLE
kakashi266: {fall asleep }
kakashi266: {roll into water
Gadget_2008: *gets sent to azkaban*
kakashi266: yaw boring
kakashi266: dam all victory mine
Sweet Amber: what victory?
kakashi266: idk what with the scary mask
Gadget_2008: Sorry, I'm currently in azkaban, but please leave a message after the tone
Gadget_2008: BEEP
kakashi266: {go to azkaban beet p2 up an bring him back }
kakashi266: {an take p2 wand away
kakashi266: }
Gadget_2008: hey
Gadget_2008: that's mine
kakashi266: no more magic for you
kakashi266: {throw wand into water}
Gadget_2008: by the way, you do know the dementors will bring me back, don't you
kakashi266: ill beet the s**t out of them too
kakashi266: im too fast for yall
kakashi266: {disappears}
Gadget_2008: that was slow man
Gadget_2008: I didn't even see you move one muscle
kakashi266: let see you disappear with out saying anything
Gadget_2008: lalalalalala
Gadget_2008: *Disapears
kakashi266: sorry
kakashi266: you failed
Gadget_2008: *Sticks toung out*
kakashi266: {grab p2 an throw hi}m in water
kakashi266: him in water}
kakashi266: {throw a kunai at the sam spot he threw p2}
Gadget_2008: *Finds wand in Water*]
kakashi266: lighting blade
Gadget_2008: AVADA KEDAVRA
kakashi266: {put lighting hand in water
Gadget_2008: *Gets sent back to azkaban*
kakashi266: {go there an beet him up and bring him back again}
kakashi266: {grab wand}
Gadget_2008: lalalalalala
Gadget_2008: *Disapears*
kakashi266: your a wizzard you can do anything with out a spell
kakashi266: dumb nut
Gadget_2008: I did a spell
Gadget_2008: want to hear it again
kakashi266: {kick p2 in the rear}
kakashi266: {then grab him an fling him in the air}
Gadget_2008: *Goes flying out to sea*
Gadget_2008: *Lands in Azkaban*
kakashi266: fire style phonix flower jutsu
kakashi266: now sand style sand vortex jutsu
Gadget_2008: Sorry, I'm currently in Azkaban, but please leave a message after the tone
Gadget_2008: *BEEP*
kakashi266: im there to dumb nut
kakashi266: {disappears}
kakashi266: were am i now
Gadget_2008: uop s**t creek
Gadget_2008: And you also up my moms but too
kakashi266: nop under ground earth style headhunter jutsu {grab him an drag him under ground leaving his head up
kakashi266: }
kakashi266: but you were i knew that
Gadget_2008: *Grabs want while p4 is't paying attension*
Gadget_2008: AVADA KEDAVRA
kakashi266: {disappears}
kakashi266: too late
Gadget_2008: *Get's sent back to azkaban*
kakashi266: not this time
kakashi266: {grab him sling him to the ground}
kakashi266: {grab his wand an break it
kakashi266: }
Gadget_2008: br
kakashi266: {grab his head an break his neck}
YokuKilmore enters the chat.
Gadget_2008: CRUCIO
Gadget_2008: HI P3
Gadget_2008: we were just batt;ling it out to see if kakashi or Harry Potter is better
kakashi266: your not harry potter
Gadget_2008: *Uses potion that restors bones*
kakashi266: dude your dead
kakashi266: i broke your neck
Gadget_2008: no, but I'm a fan Of harry potterrs
Gadget_2008: ...
Sweet Amber: why?
Gadget_2008: do you watch the harry potter movies'
kakashi266: no not really
Gadget_2008: well, in movie 2, he loses all his bones and gets them restores by a potion
kakashi266: s**t i g2g dam
kakashi266 leaves the chat.
YokuKilmore: ???
XxScarxXxxx enters the chat.
XxScarxXxxx leaves the chat.
Gadget_2008: ???
YokuKilmore: m!m
Gadget_2008: m!m
YokuKilmore: QsQ
Gadget_2008: QsQ
YokuKilmore: uou
Gadget_2008: uou
YokuKilmore: what are you doing
Gadget_2008: what are you doing
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
Gadget_2008: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
Gadget_2008: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
YokuKilmore: being a noob by the looks of it
Gadget_2008 leaves the chat.

User Image

Sweet Amber
Community Member

Sweet Amber
Community Member
My Quest!!!!!!!!!!!! O____O
that's right... i've finally gotten a gaia quest of my own!!

and it's a big bad one that will take a while. gonk

i want to get the emerald lionback mask and the ruby lionback mask.

User Image User Image

those are some pics of me with the masks with outfits i would wear with it.

not many people realize that i LOVE the fishing game here. and i do a lot of fishing. i love the durem lake a lot! i've got every hat/helm that i want from there... which is why i'm finally ready to make the big jump to getting a mask. twisted

there are a few problems with this quest though.

for starters.... i'm kind of against "cheating" and buying the fish or the hat/helm in the market place. it takes the fun out of fishing and it just doesn't feel like a solid "victory" in getting the hat. you know what i mean? so... that leaves buying the fish and/or the mask in the market place... (even if i was pro-buying fish/mask there are hardly any of the lionbacks in the market and zero masks for sale and even if there were, WAY more then i want to spend on a single fish eek sweatdrop )

the fish are rare for a reason. O___O i've been fishing since the game came out and i've only caught one rare fish in durem. on one hand that makes me very depressed thatUser Image it's taking that long to get another rare. but on the other hand i feel lucky that i've at least had one. User Image

another really big problem is the bait. since i started rare hunting, i've switched to A bait only. it's a low price of 250.... but, to by mass amounts at a time is costly gonk

so... that's my quest. i'm going RARE FISH HUNTING!! i'm getting serious now twisted i'm ready for the big fish. heart heart heart

How Bat Amber did at the avvie arena!!
well, i didn't win! lol but, my personal goal was to at least come in top 50!! and i did better then that so i'm pretty happy! 3nodding heart

here is a list of my final rank, score,votes and all comments (even the ones who gave me ones stare ).

if you don't know what my bat girl look was like, i'm still wearing it in the upper courner of the avvie arena pic *points to pic*

and if you were one of the ones who voted for me, thank you!! heart whee

User Image

Sweet Amber
Community Member

Sweet Amber
Community Member
Early b-day gift!!- picture heavy!!
my b-day is on halloween, but i already got my gift early... my boyfriend and i drove down to dallas to go to a con all so i could meet carrie fisher (princess leia from star wars!!!!) heart eek i had a great time and got some nice autographs and cool toys and such xd heart

User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
* he is such a cool guy to chat with!!!!*
User Image (tina from friday the 13th part 7)

my desk area- big pics!!
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
(that's ace standing on my shadow book!)

Sweet Amber
Community Member

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