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Swinging Free - A poem I wrote :)
I sat there, swinging, as if no end would come
Not wanting to return, to my home in the slums

No one called me home, like they didn't even want me
So i just kept on swinging, the only thing that set me free

I swung high in the air, I felt like a bird in the wind
The sun shone down, and dappled my skin

The wind rustled my hair, and rushed at my face
I sat in the swing, feeling nature's warm embrace

I sat there swinging, as if no end would come
The power of hunger, I would never succumb

I felt alive and happy, for all it would do
I'd still have to return, to the hard life that I knew

None of the passerby, could really understand
What I'd been through, that I did everything by hand

Does anybody know, is anybody aware
Does anybody have, a single little prayer

I sat there swinging, as if no end would come
The little girl people tried to stay away from

I stopped pumping my legs, the swing slowed down
I began to cry, in my tears I would once again drown

I will never live a life, full of gaiety and joy
Where everything I had, at will I could destroy

Endless amounts of food and clothes
That is the life that I wish I could've chose

I sat there swinging, as if no end would come
I sat there swinging, as clouds covered the sun

I don't love the life I lead, not even close
But as it's the only one I have, I better make the most

I hopped of the swing and bounded towards home
The one and only place, I'd really ever known

I leaped into the arms, of my dear mom and dad
"We thought we'd lost you, we're eternally glad"

I sit here swinging, older than before
I don't dislike my place, not anymore

I have learned to accept my role in life
As a family we work through the hunger and strife

It may be hard for us to survive day to day
But not anymore, do we live on the fray

I still visit the swing, every once in a while
Whenever I swing, I can't help but smile

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