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Random stuff.

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Megathreads Bumped

heart Okay, so I bump a lot. I thought about making a log, but didn't do it until I helped six people get the mega thread. (Probably around four of them I bumped over half of their thread.) I have about 4k posts less than 3k to go until I get 10k. I'll probably bump around anyway, since I like to help people. (Gave a girl some WICKED tips.)

Here's how it goes:
♥ 1st post - Obviously to show you where I started
♥ 100th post - I usually get around here and beyond, and to show how fast I post.
♥ 250th post - It's half of 500. Really puts a dent in their status in the achievement.
♥ ....th post - I will show you my last post, most likely the finishing post.

And just in case this becomes an issue, I was NOT "hired" to post in their threads. If they offer some type of payment, it was on them. I will change the color of the username who actually gave back. I started doing this because during the What the Fluff summer event, I was trying out for megathread, and had to bump half the thread myself (and it was hard to get helpers!). I was kind of angry, but I did thank those who helped. So, from then on, I said, "You know what? Anyone getting megathread deserves some damn help!" Here we are today!

Yami_Ailin1st post100th post250th postTotal of 427 posts
♪ Xzyne ○ 1st postTotal of 45 posts (I came in too late...)
♪ Eiji Minamoto ○ 1st post100th postTotal of 241 posts
♪ castlefaire ○ 1st postTotal of 26 posts (Not very impressive, but gotta put the good with the bad.)
Movari1st postTotal of 65 posts
♪ Zaxos Vi Medici ○ 1st post100th postTotal of 150 posts
♪ PegasusVentrice ○ 1st post100th postTotal of 233 posts
♪ Snowy Valentine ○ 1st post100th postTotal of 220 posts
♪ kimmicka ○ 1st post100th post250th postTotal of 320 posts
♪ Saphyre Supernova ○ 1st postTotal of 58 posts
♪ The Unknown Healer ○ 1st post

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