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Just poems and crap
This just has poems and other crap in here like the title says
The blood dripped from his wrists keeping track of his last seconds

He flopped down on the bed and waited for the world to go dark

feet stomping up the steps and the girl he loved ran ito the room

she saw him laying there the blood pool on the floor and the razor in his hand

she stood there frozen as he bled

tears streamed down her face and she walked over to him

she slipped the razor out of his hand and held out her wrist

he suddenly gripped her wrist sending blood flying

"you won't go with me!" he yelled at her

"if i don't go with you i'll go after you" she said calmly

his body stiffened as he realized the truth in her words

she looked into his eyes as if searching for his soul

he wished that he had locked the door to keep her from him

he knew he shouldn't love her

she knew she shouldn't love him

but they were in love

"what about your life" he asked quietly

"it means nothing without you" she said her voice breaking

she quickly took the razor to her wrists

blood came quickly leaving a bright red pool of blood mixing with his

she climbed onto the bed laying next to him

he took her hand glad that she would be there in his last moments

she curled into his chest as their blood stained the bed

he released her hand and wrapped his arms around her

she felt his his heart beating slower and slower as the minutes ticked by

then he whispered "I love you Cath" as his heart came to a stop

she laid there waiting for her turn

she slipped into unconsiousness

she woke up in the hospital staring at the white ceiling

she screamed a blood curdling scream and felt the tears running down her face

her mother came rushing in and wrapped her up into her arms

Cath let the tears run down her face

"why would you try to kill yourself" her mother cried into her hair

"is he dead" she whispered

her mother stiffened

"no need to think about things like that" her mother said stiffly

"i told you he'd off himself in the end honey"

Cath stiffened

how could her mother just say that

How could she just say that like he was worthless

he was her one and only love and now he was gone

she pushed her mother away and pulled the needles out of her skin

she saw a pair of clothes on the seat

she picked them up

they were his

she scooped them up and rushed into the bathroom and locked the door

she swiftly changed into the clothes

her mother banged on the door begging Cath to let her in

Cath made up her mind this was the end

there were twenty stories in this building

that was high enough

she unlocked the door and ran out pushing her mother out of the way

she ran out of the room

she was on floor fifteen

she swung open the door to the stairs and jammed it shut

she thanked the stars that the elevator was broken

she ran up the steps and pick-locked the door to the roof

she stepped onto the ledge of the roof

she looked down and saw him there waiting for her at the bottom

he called her name and only she could hear

she turned around and saw her mother push through the door to the roof

she tilted back and felt her body fall backwards

she felt the wind rushing past her flipping her body

she saw him laying next to her

he was smiling

"i love you Cath... i can't wait for you to join me" he said

she felt the air rush out of her lungs and her body seemed to be floating

everthing went black and he reached out for her hand

she took it and walked it the dark

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