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Milky Goodness
My profile for, Kei'ma (pronounced: Kai-A-ma) for several guilds

Name: Kei'ma [Pronounced: Kai-AY-mah]
Race: Erusian
Alliance: Several military guilds
Age: 24 in human years and 21.2 in Erusian years
Height: 5'9 in her human form and 5'10 in her true form.
Weight: 130/140
Abilities: Through poisonous geneation, she can resist most poisions and viruses but can also intoxicate others through touch. She can also manipulate pheromones, allowing her to control other's feelings and emotions.
Description: As a human, Kei'ma has swarthy tan skin and short blonde eyes. Her eyes are a greenish blue and her lips are a bit smaller. She has a slightly curvy frame with a pair of c-cups and a small waist and slightly curvy hips. As an Erusian her breast enlarge a bit and she gains long wavy black hair. Her eyes become narrow and black and her lips become fuller and plump. She also gets alot curvier having a bigger waist and larger hips. She still retains an hour glass figure, though. Her skin also becomes an elaborate scheme of green and black. Her ears also become a big longer and elven like. When she speaks she has an almost Caribbean accent.
When she became 17 her planet was invaded by the Moon/Space Sector of several Assassin and Military guilds. She along with many others were enslaved and sold to others or rented as slaves until the slave trade ended and she and everyone else was freed. Having no where to really go she used a bracelet given to her by her captors to gain a more human like appearance in order to become a stripper. She worked at several bars for a few years until she returned to her captors to work under their (and their other alliances) watching eye as a spy (seductress) and entertainer (hostess, whore, stripper...,etc) and most recently a medic during a dire need of them.

Some information about Erusia:

Erusia is a small planet, slightly bigger than the moon. It came into the Earth orbit along with several other planets. Erusians are an exotic group of aliens who for thousands of years centered their lives around sexuality. As a people Erusians are normally bisexual but there are homosexuals and heterosexuals. Many of their myths and legends involve sex along with their dances and festivals. Infact, when losing one's virginity it is considered a very important moment in an Erusian's life for it signifies the moment one reaches adulthood.

They are known for other things though. For example, the planet is well known for having many different varieties of mineral especially many that are native to their planet. They are also known for their culture, hunting methods, using the power of gems as a power source and stone architecture. They are also known for their great speed (which has been compared to that of a cheetah) and some of their supernatural abilities. These abilities include; invisibility, control over venoms, super strength, seduction, healing, metal claws, psychic powers and the ability to survive in any surface.

Erusia, as world world is very mystifying. Surrounded by heavy fogs and rainforest's, Erusia is very humid and warm. They recieve around 90-500 inches of rain per year this includes acid rain (which is very common in many places in Erusia). Due to the magnetic energy in some mountainous areas and forests emitted from several minerals, they do have floating mountains/pieces of land. These floating islands are much cooler than the land below but are usually uninhabitable as little crops grow there. Often times, these floating islands are dense in special crystals called Ni'guayin (bright pillars). These crystals are usually bunched up together on plots of dirt the floating islands and have pieces that stand up to 40 feet. Normally they are green in color and glow brightly in the dark. They are a main source of Erusia's power and a big reason as to why some islands float.

Down below, in the main land. Erusians use stone to build roads, buildings, and many other things. Normally a home there is one story tall but filled with many rooms. Several stories is usually consider a sign of nobility or power. Many varieties of tree's are found spread throughout the land along with other flora and fauna. Their fauna is very similar to that of earth but much more colorful and exotic. Their fauna mainly consist of aquatic animals and reptiles/amphibians and giant insect like creatures. They do have several species of apes but technically they are one of the few species of furry creatures on Erusia along with felines and than canines. But even than, furry creatures are a bit rare although they are quite more exotic than those of Earth. They don't have birds but do have flying reptiles.

Erusians use little technology but do use them in natural ways or in a minimal. For example, they may use advance technology to purify lake water or to cause ships to fly.

During their invasion by the guilds, many Erusians were enslaved during the two year period. But after a treaty was made between the Erusians and guilds, many were set free. The Treaty of Erusia allowed the military and assassins to harvest the many minerals of Erusia and use it for themselves, whether as a power source (to power ships and etc) or for trading as precious stones.

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