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Misa's Fanficts and Anime Stories My teachers and parents are always telling me how good I am at writing stories so I finaly decided I wanted to be a writer when I grow up so i'm putting my stories and fanficts on the computer... enjoy ^.^

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The Box
This is a story I had to write for a vocab essay in... 8th grade I think... maybe 7th... one or the other... I took the vocab words out though... it sounds even gayer than it already is with the vocab ^^

Once there was a 14 year old girl named Misha who had a narrative due tomorrow and if she didn't hurry it will be late.
"Misha, can you please water the plants for me?" Misha's mom yelled to Misha.
"Sorry Mom, but I have to write my narrative or I'll get a zero," Misha yelled back while looking inside a box that was originally under her bed.
"Alright I'll ask your brother, and also your friend, Zexion, is here," Misha's mom yelled back.
"Zexion? What does she want? She knows I hate her," Misha thought.
"Misha! Zexion is still here! Can you please come down here and 'hang out' with your friend."
"Wow! Mom's going to make me the laughing stock at school if she said that in front of Zexion!" Misha thought while rushing downstairs forgetting that she was holding the box. Misha stopped as soon as she reached the bottom of the stairway and peeked around the corner to find Zexion sitting by the hearth.
"Hello Misha," Zexion smirked looking over her shoulder.
"Hello Zexion," Misha spat, "what are you doing here?"
"Oh I just want to 'hang out' with an old friend," Zexion said keeping her evil smirk plastered on her face.
"What's in the box?" Zexion's gaze dropped to the box in Misha's hands.
"What? Oh, nothing," quickly shoving it behind her back.
"Don't hide stuff from me, Misha, because we all know you can't for long," Zexion said keeping her smirk.
"Konnichiwa Misha!" Misha's best friend, Kotoko, yelled running into the room.
"Kotoko! Think fast!" Misha yelled throwing the box to Kotoko while Zexion barged towards Misha.
"What?" Kotoko yelled catching the box, "Hey! What's she doing here?"
"Kotoko, keep the box away from Zexion," Misha yelled to Kotoko.
Kotoko had to mull things over before she finally asked, "Hey, isn't this the box you keep that special thing in that you won't tell me what it is?"
"Yes, and we can't let Zexion get to it," Misha yelled nailing Zexion down.
"OK, I'll run now," Kotoko said skipping away
"Is she always like this?" Zexion asked struggling to get out of Misha's grip.
"You have no idea," Misha replied giggling to herself.
As soon as Kotoko was outside Misha dashed for the door leaving Zexion behind.
"Hey! Get back here!" Zexion yelled gathering herself up from the floor and running after Misha.
"Kotoko! Where are you?" Misha yelled.
"Over here!" Kotoko yelled back, "I didn't know where to run so I ended up in front of your mother's flower garden that I know I'm not aloud to step in."
"Maybe we can go to your house and hide there for awhile," Misha said running towards Kotoko.
"Ha! Got you!" Zexion yelled throwing Misha to the ground.
"Misha! You OK?" Kotoko yelled, worry clearly in her eyes.
"I'm fine!" Misha stammered back, rubbing her head, "just go to the place I told you too, I'll meet you there in a sec!"
"OK," Kotoko yelled running away with the box in her hands.
"Hey! Where are you going?" Zexion yelled to Kotoko.
All of a sudden Misha jumped on her hands and threw her legs around tripping Zexion and landing on her feet.
"Ahhh!" Zexion shrieked landing on her back.
At that moment Misha ran past Zexion all the way to Kotoko's house.
"Kotoko! You here yet?" Misha yelled ringing the doorbell.
"Yeah I am, come on in," Kotoko yelled back.
Misha opened the door and ran inside and slammed the door shut.
"You OK, Misha?" Kotoko asked.
"Yeah," Misha replied.
Kotoko than walked to the kitchen and sat at one of the chairs and stared at the box.
"You're wondering what's inside? Aren't you?" Misha asked grabbing the box.
"Yes, as a matter of fact I am," Kotoko replied.
Misha than opened the box and took out a little badge.
"A badge is in the box?" Kotoko asked confused.
"No," Misha replied, "an emblem is in the box. My brother, Yuu, gave it to me before he left to study abroad."
All of a sudden Kotoko burst out laughing. Misha stood there staring at Kotoko, confused. Than not long after, Misha joined in the laughter.
"That emblem means a lot to you than if Yuu gave it to you," Kotoko finally said still giggling a little.
"Yep," Misha said smiling grabbing two Curara soda pop cans from the table, "it means a lot to me."
Misha than turned around and secretly shook the Curara cans than turned back around and placed them on the table. Misha flicked one can open and, still smiling, sprayed the Curara on Kotoko. They both started laughing again and Kotoko grabbed the other Curara can and opened it to have it spray all over herself.
"Hey! No fair!" Kotoko yelled still laughing.
"To friendship!" Misha yelled holding her Curara can in front of her.
"To us!" Kotoko added holding her Curara can in front of her.
Misha and Kotoko than enjoyed some Curara together still laughing at themselves and Zexion.

The End

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