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Well hi there!
Wow,I haven;t acually written in this for a LOOONG time. =3 I'm due. So,right now my face is burning and I'm pretty sure it's because I'm blushing.. o.x Haha,sad aint it? I don't even remember what blushing feels like... Anyways I was just talking to Jenny,who totally ROCKS. =P A few nights ago I can to the solution that lust wasn't the case... Love was. U.U Maybe I should explain Journal? Well..You see there's this girl..I know there's always a girl. .-. This girl is special though..She's something different for sure.. I thought I had only lust for her..Since I so quickly went to Jasmin when the other girl left.. Strangely enough though shortly after I asked Jasmin or rather her stalker ex,out it seemed the burning fire I had for her..It shrunk to a small burning ember. I still love Jasmin,don't get me wrong Journal. Ok,back to the other girl... Where was I? o.O Oh right..I thought I had only lust, like I said. But with the dreams I had of her and the endless tossing and turning at night..I relized that lust wasn't the case,it was love.. I guess deep down I didn't want to fall in love again. I didn't want that pain again. I refused to say it was love so I called it lust.. Well now I'm stuck hopelessly in love,not 100% sure if this girl truly returns it all..Blah blah. Wow,I'm REALLY boring. o.O OH OH! Guess what! I made a new friend. Her name is Amber,she is the SHET! =D She's like..My bunny buddy I guess you could say. Kairi her big sister..Well she doesn't seem to like me much. xD Example: I said I love you to her..She died. -_-. xD Well..I'm bored and I REALLY want to read. =B The Odd books are AMAZING! Well,night for now Journal. ^.^

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