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monkeyslayer69: sup
zidane5990 enters the chat.
monkeyslayer69: any one caught a boot?
zidane5990: nope
monkeyslayer69: me neither
zidane5990: i got a bass
monkeyslayer69: yay fir u
zidane5990: wooooooooo
monkeyslayer69: lard
monkeyslayer69: my fish are ugly
zidane5990: yepish
monkeyslayer69: what
monkeyslayer69: dont you mean helpish
monkeyslayer69: or helpafish
zidane5990: yepish
zidane5990: it is something i made up
monkeyslayer69: so is helpafish
monkeyslayer69: yay tire!
zidane5990: nooooooooooooo
monkeyslayer69: fish?
zidane5990: ??????????
zidane5990: you are random
monkeyslayer69: pie
zidane5990: ok i get it now
monkeyslayer69: NO YOU DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
monkeyslayer69: ;p
zidane5990: ok then
zidane5990: roarrrrrrrrrr
monkeyslayer69: ahhhh tiger man run!!!!!!!!!!
zidane5990: ya thats right be afaird
zidane5990: roarrrrrrrrr
monkeyslayer69: so you like fish Mr kitten?
zidane5990: hey that is tiger man
zidane5990: to you
zidane5990: and yes i do
monkeyslayer69: BOO
zidane5990: omg
zidane5990: *runs to corner and shakes*
monkeyslayer69: yes mission acomplished
monkeyslayer69: Boo Boo
zidane5990: *attacks monkeyslayer person with teeth*
zidane5990: grrrrrrrrrrr
monkeyslayer69: Im turning into a tiger slayer
zidane5990: oh god
monkeyslayer69: then youll PAY
zidane5990: ohhhhhh my god
zidane5990: doughnuts
avater1234 leaves the chat.
monkeyslayer69: oh i love doughnuts
monkeyslayer69: i like the chineese ones
zidane5990: oh god
zidane5990: never had one
monkeyslayer69: there way better than american ones and less calories
zidane5990: where do you live?
monkeyslayer69: emarica
zidane5990: wehre is that?
zidane5990: neve heard of it
monkeyslayer69: some where in north carolina
zidane5990: oh i live in indiana
monkeyslayer69: cool
monkeyslayer69: your a cheepo
zidane5990: oh ok then
zidane5990: sooooooooooooo
zidane5990: just like you
monkeyslayer69: o_0
monkeyslayer69: r we on the same planet?
zidane5990: ya i think
monkeyslayer69: so you an alien or robot
zidane5990: i think a robat
zidane5990: ro batttttt
monkeyslayer69: ha
zidane5990 leaves the chat.
hey it was funny to me eek

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Community Member

Sat Sep 29, 2007 @ 04:18am

you make life instering Bill! stare yea right!!!! scream STUPID IS MORE LIKE IT!!!BAKA!!! talk2hand dramallama dramallama dramallama

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