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QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: lol rofl
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: p3 would u go out wit p2
rockprincesslaura enters the chat.
Neo_2012: i really really wish my avi would change
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: yup
Neo_2012: what the hell is wrong with you
Neo_2012: lol
monkeyslayer69: wat th crap gonk
rockprincesslaura: ...
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: lol
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: yes o no
Neo_2012: just ignore here she is totally tripen on acid or sumthin
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: lol
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: no -.-
rockprincesslaura: ....
Neo_2012: brb
Neo_2012 leaves the chat.
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: k
monkeyslayer69: ha ha u 2 r crazy
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: i know
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: xD
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: to much coffee <3
monkeyslayer69: u want a pizza?
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: nah i just had cake
monkeyslayer69: wat kind
rockprincesslaura: *sigh*
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: letz play t or d
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: de tres leches
monkeyslayer69: k i dont konw this game
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: truth or dare
rockprincesslaura: i suck at this
monkeyslayer69: oh
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: oh
Neo_2012 enters the chat.
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: truth or dare p2 (me)
Neo_2012: OMG! gaia hates me!
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: yup they do
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: j/k
Neo_2012: lol
monkeyslayer69: llol
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: t or d neo
Neo_2012: just look at my profile to see my avi
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: <3
Neo_2012: ummmmm,
rockprincesslaura: i cant get any ---- fish
monkeyslayer69: truth truth
Neo_2012: i'm scared
Neo_2012: t
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: -smiles eveily-
rockprincesslaura: lol
Neo_2012: *runs away*
Neo_2012: ahhhhhh!
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: i hate truths
Neo_2012: lol
monkeyslayer69: get back here domokun
Neo_2012: fine
Neo_2012: *slowly walks back*
rockprincesslaura: i cant get any ****ing fish
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: is it true dat u ummmmm............are scare of mi
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: lol
rockprincesslaura: !
Neo_2012: i'm afraid to do a dare, especially in the state that P1 is in right now
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: xP
Neo_2012: ummmmmm..... no?
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: ur turn
Neo_2012: lol
Neo_2012: ok
Neo_2012: P4 t or d?
rockprincesslaura: ?
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: truth or dare
Neo_2012: truth or dare?
rockprincesslaura: me?
Neo_2012: yesssss uuuuuuu
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: yes
rockprincesslaura: ....trouth
rockprincesslaura: truth
lykwoah001 enters the chat.
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: truths are borinf
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: boring*
rockprincesslaura: GRRRRR
Neo_2012: is it true that you have both testicles and overies?
Neo_2012: lol
lykwoah001: hello.
rockprincesslaura: ?
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: hi
rockprincesslaura: HI
lykwoah001: what are we doing here?
Neo_2012: oh, she must not know what i mean
Neo_2012: truth or dare
lykwoah001: ah
Neo_2012: and she doesn't know what i mean
rockprincesslaura: ME?
Neo_2012: yes uuuuuuu!
rockprincesslaura: K
monkeyslayer69: wow
Neo_2012: do you or do you not have balls and overies?
rockprincesslaura: YEAH, I KNOW WHAT TRUTH OR DARE
Neo_2012: wtf, then tell me if its true or not!
lykwoah001: ??
rockprincesslaura: NOT TRUE exclaim
Neo_2012: ok then, your turn
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: -smiles evily-
rockprincesslaura: TRUTH OR DARE?
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: to who ?
Neo_2012: i don't think there is a big difference
rockprincesslaura: IN WHAT?!!
monkeyslayer69: me me
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: who are u t or d ?
rockprincesslaura: NOOOOOOOOOO
monkeyslayer69: t
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: i want to get dared
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: u ppl dont pick dare
monkeyslayer69: i dare you!!!
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: k
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: dare me
monkeyslayer69: eat moldy pickles
rockprincesslaura: BYE
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: i dont have pickles
lykwoah001: this is stupid.
rockprincesslaura leaves the chat.
Neo_2012: lol, ya i know
monkeyslayer69: no fair
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: d or dd
monkeyslayer69: dd
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: double dare huh
Neo_2012: lol
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: btw
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: rules no back outs
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: lol thx
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: xD
monkeyslayer69: yay!!!!!!!!!!!
Neo_2012: ^_^
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: i dare u to go out wit neo
monkeyslayer69: - _-
monkeyslayer69: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neo_2012: O.o
Neo_2012: ummmm no
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: no bak outs
monkeyslayer69: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Neo_2012: lol, no bak outs. Well what if i commit suicide, then what.
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: rules are rules
monkeyslayer69: STICKMAN ATTACK!!!!!
Neo_2012: *pulls out a gun* (from where?)
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: datz not a dare btw
Neo_2012: *holds it up to my temple*
Neo_2012: i'll do it!
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: u wont
Neo_2012: *sniff* *sniff* i know
Neo_2012: *drops the gun*
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: told ya
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: p6 nice tuna
monkeyslayer69: ?
monkeyslayer69: t...u...n....a?
Neo_2012: ok, but can you stop like darin every person who coms in here to do somthin to me
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: lol
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: np
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: i wont
Neo_2012: goooood
monkeyslayer69: um*drops knife*
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: lol
monkeyslayer69: llol
Neo_2012: how much would tuna sell on the market place?
monkeyslayer69: ew
Marion31: 17g a peice
monkeyslayer69: you sicko
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: dunno
monkeyslayer69: you fat lard!
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: ???????????
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: lmao
monkeyslayer69: ha i win
monkeyslayer69: you owe me $10,000
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: o.o
Neo_2012: lol
monkeyslayer69: 20,000
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: ........its...............quiet...............to............quiet.........
Neo_2012: akward silence
lykwoah001: boredd
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: yup
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: im a dumb***
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: <3
Neo_2012: lol
Neo_2012: why
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: dunno mi random
monkeyslayer69: im sorry
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: ???
monkeyslayer69: lets play th first word game!!
monkeyslayer69: k... what do ya think wnen i say food
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: tamales xD
monkeyslayer69: 8hgyb
monkeyslayer69: ok.
monkeyslayer69: wow.....silence
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: yup
monkeyslayer69: gotta quarter
monkeyslayer69: no?...ok
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: huh
monkeyslayer69: -_-
monkeyslayer69: th world is boring
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: 24hour witout sleep a new record 4 me
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: actually almost
monkeyslayer69: kool i went 2 days
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: nice
monkeyslayer69: than i slept till 4
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: lol
monkeyslayer69: anybody drink coffe
QU33N_OF_MUSIC_509: mi <3
monkeyslayer69: woot!!
Ryujin_Silver leaves the chat.
monkeyslayer69: i like pie mrgreen
twisted this is really long but i hope you like it twisted

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Community Member

Fri Nov 23, 2007 @ 07:18pm

what was weird

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