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† I'd Rather Be Dead Then Alive †
the s*it that happens to me
ok befor i start i would like to give u this warning:
WARNING thies stories may take a few sit downs
with that said lets get started with a little rant that has been waiting for some time now.

K this has been bugging me for a while. it is the over using of "text talk" it is easier to use text talk but it gets anoying when u are using it for almost every word in your sentences. it is fine for one word in it but not every word. also another thing is that wannibie gangster slang crap. i am fine with yo and sup but when u get into the phrases people sound how shal i say.....retarded like for example (a noob with the assassin sniper was saying to a nother noob) "yo dawg dont be all up in my grill like that homie i should go and pop yo a**." it dosent make you sound cool people it makes you retarded and illiterate so please stop the dumbass talk.

K i was in a rally yesterday and this noob comes up to me asking to cyber i tell her no and she asks why so i tell her that it is against the tos and i dont want to andi dont have to. she walks up to the guy standing right next to me and askes the same thing and the guy said "i dido demon" so she moves to the noob above me and asks him if he wanted to cyber. so being a noob he says sure. instead of going somewere else they have the nerve to stand in the same spot and actualy start cybering. stare stare so i walk up to them and ask them nicely to stop and move somewere else or leave the rally. so the guy who was cybering with her thinks he has some big balls and tries to scare me. it didnt work but it was pretty funny. he starts with the "y dont u make us move" my reply to that was if they didnt move i was going to report them and of course it works. they move and i reported them anyway

Story #2
i am not sure if any of you readers have been reading the stories of dragonmasterbaiter but he had a scam attempt from sauske kun. the scam whent like this sauske would aske someone for and item in exchange for one of his items of the same value but when they sent him the item as a gift because "his trading dosent work" he never gave them their item back or the item they agreed to trade. dragon told me that if i see him to tell everyone in the room that he is a scamer. so i see him a long time ago and i was telling everyone so sauske leaves. he comes back and looks at me and leaves again. i ran into him a gain but thins time he has a new scam he goes up to some noob who has at least a decent collectible and tells them to pick out a person who they want to hackk for their items and in exchange they give him the collectible they already have and then he says that it might not wwork and if it dosent he gets to keep their item so in the hope that it does work the noob agrees to the terms. so he tells the noob to pick someone to hack and i happened to be standing there and the noob picks me. so i wait to see what will happen. so later i get this message saying i was reported for hacking and so on and so forth. so the next time i saw sauske i told him it was a nice try and that next time he should try a little harder

- Demon

ps if u aint laughin u aint livin

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    KeKe Poo
    Community Member

    Sat Feb 09, 2008 @ 10:03pm

    XDDDDDDDDDDD i love irony xd funny he chose u.. and that sasuke even went there an tried to scam u anyways LMAO

    Community Member

    Sun Feb 10, 2008 @ 06:34pm

    i'm so glad that i told you to do that. and yes sauske is still up to his old tricks. and i totally agree with you dude. enough with the text talk.

    User Comments: [2]
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