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† I'd Rather Be Dead Then Alive †
the s*it that happens to me
Good way to Start Your Weekend
ok i got a couple of rants this week and i got one story so without any more delay here they are:
Ok i cant stress the hole fad of soulja boy. seriously people he has absolutly no god damn talent. i was in a rally and there were people singing that gay a** song. now i have heard people with little talent but soulja boy sucks even worse then them. now if you listen to him that is your problem and the problem of thoes brain cells you are waseting by listening to him. but dont be in rally singing the song for the love of god. the same person singing it started to walk around saying "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooou" now for thoes who have read my journal before have read the rant about soulja boy and you all know how i am about that anoying s**t.

the usernames of noobs now are getting so unoriginal. they are using the same name as other noobs but adding a number after it. alot of them are comeing from shows like naruto. do you know how many people have the name sauske in their username? well ill tell you there are way to many. oh speaking of sauske if anyone sees the user named sauske kun tell people around him that he is a scammer.

now for the story

i was in a rally (like normaly) and a noob comes up and tells me that he was hacked. like i give a flying ********. so i told him that i didnt care. but he continues to tell me about the stuff he lost. lets see they were a 4 horsemen, 10k, and a wild thing. so i tell him again that i didnt care. i dont know if he could read or not but im going with no. so then he asks if i can donate so i tell him that i can and he was getting all excited so he said if i would give him my scarf for the last 100g he had. XDDD now that was funny so i told him that ill give it to him so he was all "omg" so being the smartass i am i replied to that omg with this: "no it is just me but i can see how you made the mistake" so he was all so where is the scarf your are going to give me. i told him it was sarcasm. so he called me an a** (big whoop i admit i am an a** no big suprise) so then i busted out my ultimate word...well words and called him a polygamistic necrophiliac and he was silent and of course he didnt have a comeback no one does
- Demon

oh i almost forgot all of my readers go check out the just as funny stories of the infamous dragonmasterbaiter he is running out of readers... thank you and have a good weekend

P.S. if you aint laugin then go burn in HELL!

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    Community Member

    Sat Feb 23, 2008 @ 12:06am

    lol ah noobs. and dude don't you only have like 4 readers. lol

    Community Member

    Sat Feb 23, 2008 @ 12:12am

    nope been getting 10 to 14 readers

    and keep them comeing people go tell friends to go read this journal and dragon's journal

    User Comments: [2]
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