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Randomzz of the Doomed Phoenix
This is just a bunch of reandom stuff I put in here....
~. razz rologue: The Beginning:.~

All was silent. Not a movement stirred on the planet. No breeze swept its lands, no rain stirred the earth. Burnt bodies lay, scattered upon the battlefield, throughout the small villages. The forests were still on fire, the plains blackened. Everything, everyone, was dead.
The silver dragon scanned the destruction from the sky. His eyes were the color of shale, and his body shone in the light of the red sun. The barb on the end of his tail flicked with the remaining fury. His talons were clenched deep into his large paws, drawing blood from the mighty beast.
He was Ariadnes, son of Chaos and Lillith, the Dark Gods of the Dragon Kind. He was raised with their power, their greed. He knew nothing but destruction. What he saw before him pleased him greatly. Pride swelled through him that he had finally destroyed a whole world. Taking that many lives would surely make him more powerful.
Ariadnes had once been a happy hatchling, his birth mother being Skyera. She had been raped by the Dark God, torn from her mate for the rest of her long life after the secret was out that she carried the Dark God’s son. She kept Ariadnes in hiding for his first hundred years, but then Chaos had found them. A terrible battle broke out, between common she-dragon fighting for her hatchling, and the Dark God fighting for his heir. Her longing to keep her son could not giver the strength to overcome the great terrible God. He had left the she-dragon to her death, the chance of living nearly none.
He cared not what his father had done, nor how he was conceived. He was over a thousand years old now, those memories completely gone from his mind. He knew only Lillith as his mother now, and she had taught him the way of the Dark Dragons. His mission in life was to kill, and they would take over the universe. It was simple. He could take the form of a human, and while a human in the Dragon Lands; he could act as a super powerful slayer and destroy the Light Goddess’s people.
He banked left, and flew back to the Dragon Dimension, and skimmed over the trees. Soon, he would break through the spell placed upon the forest, and burn it to nothing. This whole world would be done for, and belong to the Dark Dragons. He could see Cachamwri’s, the Light God, gold form in the distance. A wicked smile lit his face as he partially shifted form, keeping wings upon the human body. He would prevail over the dragon God, and destroy the Light Dragons forever!

~.:Chapter 1: The Stranger:.~

The golden dragon flies into the cave. At the sound of his paw hitting the ledge, his mate, a red dragon, opens her eyes. The sight she is greeted by is her mate, her one true love, nearly dead.
“No!” she cries out, and rushes to aid him. His warning growl sets her back.
“No, you mustn’t! Take the hatchlings, and fly away! He’s… too strong…” In shock she stands still as his life force winks out. The scent of human hits her nostrils, waking her from her shock. She rushes to the back of the cave, where her young are. The man steps forwards, the golden dragon’s blood staining his clothes.
No, she thinks, this… cannot be…
A small hymn is heard from the man, a chant. The new hatchlings are drawn, and ignore their mother’s desperate attempts to call them back. They approach the strange man, and sniff at him. Within seconds, the spell is complete and unleashed upon the babies. With not a sound, they die instantly. The red eyes turn to the she-dragon in the back of the cave.
“You’re race will be extinguished. I could kill your mate, your hatchlings, with such ease. Nothing can stop me. And I shall begin with you!” He attacks, sending a blast of energy cutting into the dragon.
She weeps, and feels her heart break with the sadness, the terrible feeling of loss, of trauma. She lets the attack hit her, not even bothering to try. A voice breaks through her thoughts.
“You cannot let your people die. Get away from this fight, and give it up for now. It’s the only way to keep your people alive.”
Weakly, she looks at the human memorizing his face. She could not kill him, but she would see justice. She would see this man suffer at the hands of the Dragon law. She looks away, grief wrenching her. She shifts into a bug, and scurries away from the things that meant the most to her. A curse follows her from the cave as she is free…

The woman sat up, sweating profusely. Her orange eyes darted about, taking in every detail. She was still home. She was still alive. And she was still a dirty stinking ape!
Kalikashu scratched at the human flesh covering her. She would not be a dragon, at risk of death. If she had lost to that dragon slayer….
“No.” She said to herself, “I am no longer a dwelling dragon on the past. She looked to the future, ensuring she, and her kind, were safe. She was the Light Goddess of the dragons. She could not allow three thousand years of history to tear her apart. She had to get up, each day, as a human, and only rarely indulge herself in being a dragon, and spreading her wings.
She brushed the nearly white-blonde hair that came naturally with the human shape. In all honestly, her human form was what her human friends called, “Sexy.” She wore no cloth garments, only her scales covering her breasts and her female reproductive parts, looking smooth as cloth, and always mistaken for the feeble fibre. She was no virgin, human or dragon, and knew what the significant difference was between dragon mating and human love-making.
She shook that thought from her mind as well. She had to hunt. Her mind would be focused upon the slayer she had been watching lately, and knew he was going to hunt today. Grabbing her bow and a quiver of arrows, she set out on barefoot across the plains. Her lithe body moved easily through the tall grass, reaching over her head. She followed her senses until she could feel him.
She took off at a silent run through the grass towards where she knew the slayer was. The grass ended, and revealed a man-made clearing. He stood in the centre, his eyes trained on a large sapphire dragon.
“Kel! Get out of here!” She called out, heaving a sigh of relief as her brother flew away.
“Look at what you’ve done!” The large man stormed towards her, his hand visibly twitching over the knife in his belt. She had a short human form, standing at 5’ 4”, and this man was at least 6 feet.
“I believe I have just saved an innocent dragon’s life.” She spat back, her eyes smoldering. Her eyes narrowed at his snort.
“No dragon is innocent, lady. All they do is kill, destroy, and pose a threat to society.”
“That is not true!” she cried, stepping forwards, closer to the man, and poking him in the chest, “The Dragon Kind have a law set by their God, Cachamwri, that they are not to kill humans. W….They have emotions and laws just as we do.”
“And how would know so much about dragons?” he inquired, his eyes burning.
“I was raised by the dragons,” she came up with fast. Technically, it wasn’t a lie… as a dragon, she had been raised by her own kind.
“Regardless, what did that dragon ever do to you? He was just sitting there, enjoying the sun and warming his body. He posed no threat to you.”
“All dragons pose a thread to me, lady. And dammit, tell me your name so I can stop calling you lady, and so I can find you again when that blue dragons head is upon my wall,” His eyes were menacing as she lifted her head in defiance.
“Kalikashu is my name, and I think I’ll just follow you until I convince you that dragons are just like humans.”
“I am Zeon, and I highly doubt that my mind will be changed.” He turned, and walked back into his cabin.
“Well, Zeon, just what makes you hate dragons so much?” She asked in curiosity, her stomach going sick at the sight of the heads upon the wall. They were heads of the Dark Dragons’ previous Elder Council. But still…
He grinned smugly when he saw her face go white, and took his time. “A silver dragon killed my mother. I am trying to find that dragon, and I will destroy any who get in my way.”
“How dare you blame all of Dragon Kind for a mistake one dragon made?” The fury on her face, in her eyes, shocked him into speechlessness.
“Just because the silver dragon killed your mother, you will make innocent dragons pay for a thing they know naught of? Tell me how it is fair that you could do that to the families of these dragons? You may think you know grief from your mother’s death, Zeon, but dragons have larger hearts. They feel emotion strong enough to make a human explode if the human even thought of feeling that much. Could you imagine what Kel’s mother, his sister, and his mate and hatchlings would feel if he died, and then found out that it was all because a human holds a grudge against a single silver dragon?” she raged, fighting to not reveal that she was Kel’s sister. She knew how she would feel…. It would bring back her mate’s death all over again.
“That’s enough,” Zeon’s sharp voice cut through her thoughts, “I understand. But I will not stop until I find the silver dragon.”
“Then you leave me no choice. I will show you a memory, a memory of Kel’s sister. Know this. If you had killed the blue dragon, his sister would relive this moment.” She pushed with all her power towards him, and muttered a slight chant under her breath, a spell. She sent into his mind the dream she had had last night, the exact memory of her lost love and hatchlings. She blocked any hints that the red dragon was her. She did not want him discovering her, not yet. She wove the spell so that he would feel all the emotions that she had felt, to the extent. She could see the excruciating pain upon his face, and knew this was like nothing he could have ever felt before. As the dream ended, she released the spell.
He looked at her in horror, and with the last dregs of pain in his eyes. “What are you?” he whispered, staring.
“Now do you understand? That red dragon loved her mate, her hatchlings, and their death tore her apart. Imagine what would happen if Kel died. Please, listen. I can still see the pain, the terrible anguish in your eyes. That is the strength of the emotions dragons feel. Please. Stop killing dragons. The Elder’s Council will find our silver dragon, and punish him as according to the law.”
“No… I am sorry, but… I must kill him with my own hands, avenge my mother. Nothing the dragons do to him would be enough satisfaction for me,” he said, his eyes downcast.
“Then I shall help you.”
“Kalikashu…” his head snapped up.
“My friends call me Kali. I can arrange a conference with the Dragon Elders and we can ask about this silver dragon. I know nothing of him, so I doubt many others do. But we will try.”
“What’s the catch?” he asked suspiciously.
“My mission in this era is to stop the slayers, to make them see reason. My condition on this agreement is that you do not harm any innocent dragons. Only the silver one.”
He thought it out in his mind. As long as he only harmed the silver dragon, she would help him find it. It was hard for him. He had been raised to believe that dragons were a conniving race, and would turn their backs in a moment. Finally, he came to a decision. He would agree… but he would only hold up his end of the bargain if she did.
“Fine. You help me find this dragon, and I will refrain from killing your precious dragons.” He whistled, and from the forest came a beautiful mare, her eyes brilliant.
“Please don’t tell me to ride that thing…” Kali said in disgust. These were the creatures that she made her dinner, not her mount. Hell, she made nothing her mount.
“She will provide a quick source of transportation. Unless you would rather walk,” Zeon challenged, testing her strength. He would put her through hell for this. However, he had to admire the way her head snapped up at the challenge, and the ease with which she mounted up.
“I think I can handle a horse. If I can handle living with dragons through my life, and watching one I knew turn to the Dark Dragons, than I think I can handle an herbivorous beast.”
“Good. Enjoy the ride,” He replied cockily, mounting up in front of her. “You may want to hold on,” He said as he nudged the mare into a full gallop.

~.: Chapter 2: The First Journey:.~

Kali gritted her teeth as the horse trotted along. They had already been traveling a day, and in that time, she discovered just how much she would like to roast this horse… and possibly her owner. She gave no sign that she was uncomfortable, but when she had woken that morning, her human thighs were aching beyond belief.
Zeon had been nothing but a bother. He kept purposefully checking on her, just to see if she was breaking yet. She refused to give him the satisfaction. She was a dragon, for Cachamwri’s sake. Hell, she was a dragon Goddess. She would not give this human the satisfaction of seeing her break. She could not.
She could see that smug smirk on his face now, and it just boiled her blood. Why, why did she have to offer to help him? Couldn’t she have just saved Kel, then ran away? Reluctantly she realized that that was impossible. She could not let her people die at the hands of the slayers.
“You still holding up back there?” Zeon’s question broke through her thoughts, and her back stiffened instantly.
“I’m doing just fine, thank you,” she said icily. Something about him sent her scales up, and she would just have to find out what that was.
“Are you sure you’re not cold or anything? You really don’t have much…covering,” he replied, his eyes glittering. He knew few women who would dress so sparsely when anywhere outside of the bedroom.
His hint hit her full in the face. The low growl in her throat was barely audible, and she snapped back, “I helps me to move easier when hunting and fighting. I am not a city woman, I live in these forests. I cannot afford the access weight and burden of regular clothing.”
“Easy there, I was just wonder—“ Kali’s hand over his mouth cut his sentence short.
“Quiet. There are people nearby.”
“How do you—“ Her glare stopped him. She leapt from the beast, a sai in each hand. She could smell human nearby, and had heard them in the forest for a little while now. She followed her nose, directing her to the bush she had seen move.
With a scream of rage, three men broke from the wild bush, flailing their blades at Kali with their might. In a flash of fire, hers was in her hand, glowing red as she welcomed the challenge.
Zeon jumped off his mare and into the battle. He knew there was no way she could fight this on her own, not this outnumbered. He drew his broadsword from its sheath and swung it toward one of the men. Already having anticipated his move, the bandit ducked below the fatal blade as it zipped over his head. He flashed out his dagger, and swiped at Zeon’s arm.
Kali fought the other two easily, her blade going up in flames with ever strike of sword against sword. She had a sai in one hand, and lithely swept out at on man, drawing blood. The third joined his partners as she too them on, her strength overpowering theirs. Soon, blood stained the ground at her feet as the men ran away, each wounded. Banishing the sword with a slight spell, she watched it become ashes. Having done that, she turned to Zeon.
“You should have stayed on the horse,” she said as she began to walk towards the animal again. She stopped the instant she saw the blood on his sleeve.
“Damn it, why didn’t you stay on the damn horse?” she demanded as she ran forward to help him. When he pulled his arm away, she was insulted.
“Look, Kali, I don’t know how you took them out, but you can’t expect me to just sit there as a woman is outnumbered three to one against men.”
“For your information, I am trained by only the best dragons. Come on, I could take out three dragons in their dragon forms alone, let alone these human weaklings. Now let me mend your arm. If you haven’t noticed, I have magick skills.”
Reluctantly, he let her look over his arm. It still blew his mind that she could possibly so strong. She was a skinny female, not some sort of butch woman like he had seen, and even they did not have the skill and the strength as Kalikashu. His breath was taken away as the wound began to glow white. A heat seemed to sink in his skin, but a pleasant one, not a burning one. He watched in amazement as the wound healed itself over, and then completely disappeared.
“I don’t know how you do what you do, but I do know that it will be useful,” He said nonchalantly.
“Glad I could be so useful on this trip as I’m saving your a** from the bandits,” she replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
“Don’t take it so hard, Kali. We still have a long way to go,” he tested, knowing she was really hating the journey.
She thought about it. On one hand, she could suffer another day. On the other, they were at the lake, and could take a rest, as well as a swim.
“Well, the lake is right there, and we do need to wash up. I think we should just bunk here for the rest of the night, and figure it out in the morning.”
Zeon nodded, and took the bridle from the mare, and let her go for the night. He turned to find Kali eyeing him oddly.
“That’s not a good idea. Horses are a rare delicacy for dragons, and to find one loose is the best for them.”
“I am sure that she will be alright. I have much faith.”
Kali shrugged, and turned to the lake, diving into its cool waters. She rose to the surface for a breath before diving again, the depths of the lake. She shifted form once she was hundreds of feet below the surface, and became the great ruby dragon. She swam swiftly, searching the caves until she found the Elder of the water dragons. She spoke to him briefly before her ears picked up a sound from the surface. Within moments, she remembered… humans could not stay beneath the water for more than a couple minutes. She swam up, shifting into a human before he would have seen the silhouette. Surfacing, she looked at his worried face, and smiled.
“Something wrong?”
“You were under there for fifteen minutes. I thought you’d drowned.”
“I’m sorry, Zeon. I forgot to tell you that I have a special spell that allows me to be underwater for a while longer than normal,” she invented, hoping she sounded convincing.
He remained skeptical, but forced his featured to smooth into relief.
“Just… don’t do it again, okay?”
“Fine. Now let’s get some sleep,” she finished, lying upon the softest grass. She was asleep within seconds.

When Kalikashu awoke in the morning, He was gone. She sat up instantly, fury rushing through her. How dare he go back on their deal, and run off? She had remained true, and was doing everything she could to find the silver dragon, and she had had to call out to the entire Light Dragon race to collect into the Serene Mountains. And now he was gone.
She heard a noise to her far left. Her head snapped over, and she saw Zeon. She breathed a sigh of relief he hadn’t gone back on their deal.
“Where the hell were you?” she asked, fury lighting her eyes. He simply looked at her, and tossed a rabbit in front of her.
“I thought that you would be hungry. How much farther until we reach the caves?”
“If we could fly, only a couple minutes. But knowing your aversion to dragons, that isn’t going to happen.”
“Why would it fly something that tries to kill it?” he challenged. All he wanted was to get this over with so he could find the great silver dragon.
“The dragons trust me. Remember, I have lived with them my whole life. I rose your animal. You can damn well ride a dragon. The council is in a matter of minutes, and we will never get there on time on that thing,” she said, pointing at the horse.
Zeon debated it. Since the death of his mother, he feared the dragons. They were dangerous. But he must trust her, and he had to find the silver one. He nodded reluctantly, and waited.
<<Kel, I need your help. We need a ride.>> She called using her mind.
<<And you can’t fly? Kali, you are the best flyer I know.>> came the reply. Kalikashu sighed, and told him all that had happened up till now.
<<Just see this as payment that I saved your life. Or, you could also just assume it is an order from your Goddess. Whatever will work.>>
<<You’re lucky you’re my sister.>>
Within moments, the great dragon flew to them, and she smiled.
Zeon felt his stomach lurch at the sight. He masked his fear, and waited for her to tell him how to get on the animal.
Kalikashu said to Kel, as though they had not just spoken, “This slayer and I need a ride to the council. He has sworn not to kill any dragons but the one he seeks. We must find this silver lawbreaker, and bring him to justice. You are our only way,” She turned to Zeon, and nodded,” I will show you how to get up. Remove that animal from here.”
Zeon took off his pack, and gave it to the horse. “Keep it safe. If it gets even one crack on it, there will be no carrots or anything for a month!” He turned, and followed Kali up onto the beast.
As Kel took off, he sent a thought to Kalikashu. <<How do we know he will not try to kill the elders? Slayers are… unpredictable at best.>>
<<He has given his word. Not to mention, I’m sure a few hundred dragons can overpower a slayer with no magical power whatsoever. And… for some reason, I trust him.>>
<<Not enough to show him your true form.>> Kel retorted.
<<No… but after what I have been through, can you blame me?>>
He said nothing, and they flew in silence. She loved the feel of the wind through her hair… She stood on Kel, and looked over at Zeon. “I will be back.” She said, and jumped from the dragon.
“Kalikashu! Dragon, take me down! We must get her before she hits the ground!”
<<Settle, human. She knows what she is doing. She is wise, and has been through much. Us dragons respect her, and trust her to do what is right.>>

Kalikashu waited until he would no longer see her, and snapped out her wings, remaining mostly in her human form. She flew on her own for a while, and shifted into her dragon form. She flew up beside Kel and Zeon, knowing he would not recognize her.
Zeon felt uneasy at the other dragon that had arrived. Dragons were flying to the caves from all over.
<<Kel, does he know?>> She asked, her wings beating the air.
<<No… humans can be so… stupid sometimes.>>
<<Even I cannot deny that. I will fly ahead, ad tell them not to reveal my identity. He must not know that I am a dragon…>>
Kali flew ahead, and into the caves, prepared to face her kind.

~.:Chapter 3: The Dragons:.~
“Fellow Dragons, followers of my word. I need for you all not to reveal my draconian identity. I bring a slayer into our midst, one who is on a quest. He has sworn to slay no dragons but the single dragon he seeks. We seek a dragon who has broken the law my late mate, and your God, had set. He has killed a human. Cachamwri was your God. I am your Goddess. Listen, and obey, if you hold any respect for his soul which lives on in our hearts.”
They murmered amongst themselves as Kel flew in with the slayer on his back. Zeon dismounted, looking slightly sick.
<<You owe me sister.>>
<<May the Gods protect you Kel. And your family.>>
<<You protect me anyway.>> He joked, and she laughed, for it was all too true.
Zeon strode up to Kalikashu menacingly, and stopped right in front of her. “Don’t you ever do anything like that again! That’s the second time you have scared me shitless.”
“I know what I am doing!” she growled back, and turned her back on him. She opened her arms to the dragons, and called out to them, “Friends! I come to you for help. A silver dragon has broken the law that your God, Cachamwri, laid. He killed this slayer's mother, urging the child to become a slayer. He nearly killed Kel today, but I have spoken to him, and made him swear not to harm any of you. We must find this silver dragon, and bring him to justice. Do any of the clans here know of this silver dragon?" she asked, and looked at them all. A dragon stepped forward, a great ruby one.
Kali nodded at her, smiling. This was the surrogate mother she had had when she was separated from her clan. Ariey had been mother to many a dragon.
"I know this silver dragon. I..." she looked abashed. "He was my son before we cast him from the clan." The silence that followed lengthened. She forced herself to go on, "He would bring humans home and play with them like dolls. He never killed them, so we did not report it, but cast him away to live on his own. He was only 144 years old." She looked away, and stepped back.
Kalikashu listened, and nodded. "I understand. I am sure that you will not be punished by Cachamwri or his wife for this overlooking." She said, letting Ariey know that she was forgiven. After all, Kali was the wife she spoke of. "Has anyone seen this dragon within the dragon lands?" No response came. She refused to look at Zeon.
"If any dragon changes their mind, they may approach me. Send the call, and I will give you my co-ordinates. We need your help. Spread the word. A dragon has broken the law that your god himself set before you. He must be stopped; he must be either killed, or banished to human form." At Ariey's cry, Kalikashu looked to her, tears falling. "I am sorry, close friend. But he cannot continue. I hope you do not hate me for this." She turned away, crying.
"Kel. Take the slayer back to the lake." she choked on her final words, feeling the pain of her friend, and hating herself for doing this to her. She ran, weaving through the dragon's legs and jumped off the mountain. Kel offered his wings to Zeon, shielding the edge from his view so that Kalikashu could change form or fly.
Zeon looked at the mother dragon in shock. “I… hadn’t realized that dragons could cry…”
Kel snorted. <<We feel stronger emotions. Of course we can cry.>>

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Lord Victor de la Boheme
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commentCommented on: Thu Nov 06, 2008 @ 04:49pm
Nice, where's the next chapter? Want to read it! >w<

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