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Randomzz of the Doomed Phoenix
This is just a bunch of reandom stuff I put in here....

Username:Doomed Phoenix Goddess
Character name:Alexi Talonclaw
Character age:121, looks 24
Race:Phoenix Demon
Powers and weapons:Weapons- Primary Weapon=
Kaji Karatu-- A longsword that goes up in flames when used in battle. The flames can be directed at foes.
Secondary Weapon=
A pair of sai daggers with no magical power at all.
1. Boutukai za Fennikusu: Dance of the phoenix. His most powerful attack, and very difficult to fully control. In phoenix form, the user flies in the air, dancing. The dance directs what the flames will do. The flames get to temperatures of over 1000 celcius if danced properly.
2. Kaji Boruto: Fire Bolt. Secondary spell, easy control. Flames come down like thunderbolts at the foe, aimed by the user. Can be used to surround an enemy.
3. Teleportation: In a flash of fire, the user can teleport anywhere.
4. Telepathy: The user can communicate with others with simply their mind.
5. Minor healing: The user can use flames, not always hot, to heal minor wounds.

Bio:Alexi is one of the last of his kind. His mother and father raised him right, and he has saved many people. He has had run-ins with some nasty creatures, but managed to get out of them alive.
Other:He has 7 other siblings who communicate with him periodically through telepathy.
PersonalityAlexi has a very good heart, and will help those in need. He is fiercely loyal, and will protect his family, and those he cares about, with his life. His training is incomplete, and he seeks a trainer.

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