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Shakra Saga/other adventures!

x blossoming-innocence x
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Ok, I know yall have been waiting 4 some more of my stories. And they'll come, I just need some time to come up with more matereial.
In the meantime I've had a lot on my mind, and so whenever I'm sad mad or anything negative, I draw it out, or make poems. Here's some of the poems I have........

~Ode to love

It's an unexplained power
a force that has yet to contain.

It happens to everyone
at some point in their life,
how it works no one knows
But I heard it's bright and beautiful like a rose.
It thrives on passion, but can also cause pain.

Oh love
Why this?
Why now?
Why give me a false hope?
A hope that someone will accept me,
a living roller coaster, a vulnerable heart.

What future lies ahead?
A love with joy? Or a love in vain?

And yet...
A meadicine that cures
ambition that's sane.~

That poem was originally, (and still kinda is) my perspective on love.
Thinking," How stupid is this? I'm walking around in cirles with this emotion getting nowhere!" Til some other people have come into my life and changed that around (you know who you are, so give yourself the credit).


To have everything and lose it.
Shatterede to peices bit by bit.
Feeling split and streatched
but one's heart cannot take it,
for the task it too far fetched.

Loving one.....yet loving another....
trusting them, and trusting the other.
On your feet and in the dust,
confuzed and numbed by the state of lust.

Cut open, exposed, crimson regret
the gamble is high
the risk's on the bet.

They give it their all, you give them a lot!
But shall this dream take force?
The probability is NOT.~

I actually wrote this in history class, (ask Vanessa she'll agree) and
I was burdened with the fact that I had crushes on 2 boys! Thought I was over it (as the summer went by), but as school started again it was deja vu! I felt really horrible, especially for the boy I was putting at risk. I was putting his emotions at risk to be more precise, and so what was called a relationship I ended c'ause I couldn't handle the preassure I was recieving. So I hope that answered all my "real life" friends questions.

~ My trance

His smile shines like the sun in golden hour,
when I am near him.....I feel released,
so light that I could take off like a flock of birds.

But as he drifts away, the sun sets.....
and a gray shadow casts over my eyes.
The weight of a thousand...
billion words, rests upon my heart.

A burden that I carry.....
a burden I won't release......
til he knows.....and....

lol, no the boy I am refering to isn't gaara. Its Pitt.
Yes, I know I am a hopeless case (no sympathy please, but no knock downs either). But THIS is when I am head over heels for someone. Not something that's a lablement......sorry still a little sore. But anywho....yeah head over heels pretty much hits the nail on the head for this one....so I'm going to leave it at that. xD

I've got more but I'm tired of typing. So... xD
comment on them if you wish.

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~When you only live for so long, what do you live for? ~

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comment Commented on: Tue Sep 30, 2008 @ 04:31am
Ri ; you didn't post anything new for the story . . .*goes to emo corner* emo emo
Rin; YAY new stuff! Wait a second ahh man *goes to her emo corner*
~~~~~~you put Krikoruso no Takai into an emo emo corner emo ~~~~~~~~
Ri; *mumbles* after all that hard work crying emo crying emo
sorry it just I was so excited and then you post his I know how you feel I'm kinda going through that right now expect for the battle is between my feeling for him and my sanity along with what would be best for me

comment Commented on: Tue Oct 14, 2008 @ 01:26am
Ri; ok . . . i don't know heheehe - uh
Rin; I know I've said this a million times but . . . write more! Please!
Ri;*lightbulb appears over head*oh ideas!One word - Halloween! All Hallow's Eve! Sam Hien! Add a ghost story told by Tobi-chan while they go to the creepy castle where you guys fight more posessed people aka the Aktsuki! There you meet an ally aka Tsukiko (brina)!
Delete this after you read it so no one knows *gets all spokkiful and makes black dust appear ou tof no where*

Community Member
Community Member
comment Commented on: Sun Oct 19, 2008 @ 05:35am
*rereads* wow this is really good. Your poetry is very good! You have a knack for it, I would love to see some more of it!

comment Commented on: Mon Oct 20, 2008 @ 05:38am

Community Member
User Comments: [4]
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