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x blossoming-innocence x
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Honestly I really don't know how to introduce this journal, so I'm just going to get straight to the point. What is a mask to you? I mean what does it mean to you?
An object that covers up someone's face, or just plain overly done make up powder? (and im not talking about a regular face mask, im speaking figuratively)
rolleyes Well there's that, but to me a mask is so much more than an object that covers someone's face. To me a mask is something that steals an identity, a facade, a fake person. stare I hate masks. I know that may sound a little blunt of me, but I really do. I really hate it when people think that they have to act a certain way due to peer pressure , home life, etc. I hate it when people feel obligated to act how others want them to do, dancing to the strings being pulled like a human puppet. And what I hate the most, is when they put on a mask in front of me....telling me one thing when they really mean another. Its like I dont know what you're really thinking or wanting from me. I know this may not be an intention of any sort, but I'll take that as lying to my face, a complete act of disregard in my direction. Why cant people be real? Why does it have to be like that? I understand fully well on how sometimes we need to buck up and make nice with others especially when it comes to finding a job or something that will become vital to our future. But I find that raw and humane emotion is beautiful, my mom is not very good at showing her raw and personal emotions. And each time she does, she apologizes as if its something to be ashamed of. Okay for all you out there who may be thinking, "you're one to talk girlie you do the same thing" I'm working on it, I have a lotta crap I gotta sort out, and I only! If I need help you'll know or I'll say help.
But the whole mask/poker face ordeal happens to my brother, and I can see it in some others at my school too! I'm sure others have reason as to why they put on a show and shut everyone out. But come on, just because life kicked you in the butt so many times doesnt mean you have to hide your real feelings. If you have an opinion, express it! But it does help to be conscious of what IS shared. But hey! If something bugs you tell it to stop! If it makes you sad cry! If you're pissed explode into a pillow! If you're happy show it! If you're smart be it! Don't be afraid to show yourself! I mean even if some of the opinions are ruder than what I'd normally hear from you, I'd still like to hear it (okay maybe not as blunt as mandi or genna ....luv ya girls <3). But still! Why are some people ashamed or afraid to be themselves at school or at home! I know I dont have to worry about lying so much (for one I suck so badly its pointless to try, and even if I do try yall call me on it and then you see me!), when I have an emotion on my face thats it! Thats raw from me! What you see is what you get kinda thing. It may be rude and completely selfish of me to be saying this, but why does it have to be that way? Any thoughts?

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comment Commented on: Sat May 16, 2009 @ 05:26am
A mask is protection for some. It can hide them when they are hurt, angry, etc and protect who they care about. People are over critical of everything and anything, that's why people hide what they really are to others. No offense Chris, but its really naive of you to think that masks are pointless and there is no reason to have them. What if your parents are abusive and will beat you if you don't act accordingly to what they think. Think about gangs, and mob mentality. People get killed over little things like individuality and acceptance of someone else's religion. Masks are essintial to some, for others not so much. Everyone has their reasons to feel and to have their own ways of protecting themsleves.

comment Commented on: Sat Jun 20, 2009 @ 06:52am
a mask is basically what someone wants to be. the nice girl around some people. the straight guy around friends. even the overconfident jerk that's trying to hide his/her insecurities. so what brang this onto ur mind (and dont u dare give me a crap answer, cus i'll prod until u speak, so its better to get it overwith now... or whenever u get on, that's ok, too, i guess.... xd love u!)

darkened archangel
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