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The Book of Chaos: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!
I love to write about ANYTHING! RP 's I may have made, things going on that I want to talk about...just a bunch of wonderful randomness! ^^- Oh, and a whole lot of Hiei stuff too! :heart:
Super Tale :3 Lee and Tia
"No!! I'm late! I'm late, so very very late!" Two pink shoes beat desprately upon the street, a pink ponytail waving in the wind.
Lee ran down the street as though death itself was trailing behind her, threatening to cut off her head with a big, scary, sharp sythe!

"Late! Late! Late!" Her heart hammered in her chest, if she was tardy coming to school one more time she would be locked away in the dark, dank confides, known only as Detention! It didn't help matter that she had been sick from school for the past three days!

"This isn't fair! They should give students a week's worth of sick days each semester! Are we supposed to carry germ killing spray or something?! Hehe, that's kinda funny! Germ spray! Kill your germs away, unless you want them to staaaay!! If that's what you do, then there is something wrong with yooou! That or you wish to skip classss as sit on your as-"

Reluctantly, Lee broke from her musical thoughts astounished to find she was suddenly surrounded by strange colored blurs. "Whaaa?"
It was like someone had taken paint and thrown it all around her! What could it mean?

"AGG! I'm being attacked by the color spectrum!" Screeching to a hault, Lee punched her pink shoes to the street, only to be blinded by a stream of smoke that smelled strongly of burned shoe.

"AAAK! Gross! Gross! The colors have bombs now?-Huh?" The smoke cleared, lifting like a curtain to reveal normal surroundings, with no strange blurs of color in sight.

Lee was used to being confused, it was just apart of her every day life...but this, this was too much! Color blurs and smoke? It was all too strange! What could it mean?

"Oh dear, I think I'm losing my mind....OH! That means I owe Maddie a dollar! Aw man! Wait a minute! Maybe I didn't get enough sleep last night...yea. That's it! HA!" After a few good minutes of triumphant laughter Lee suddenly remembered she was late for school and set off once again with her pink shoes pounding the pavement. A thin wisp of smoke trailed after her as she ran...
Students continued with their weekly ritual, as they climbed stairs, dashed down hallways, or trudged off sulkingly towards their classes. Seated queitly while twiddling her thumbs, Tia sat waiting for her friends to arrive. Waiting wasn't a lonely job, Tia secretly relished any moment where she had time to just let her mind wander. She could think about her favorite movies, mentally debate whether the color yellow looked best on her versus red, or even surface reading assignments from the previous night. Seeing as she was the most logical minded out of her friends it was difficult to discuss such things with them, but when she was alone her mind could rattle off contentedly without restraint.

"Hm, lets see, we went over chemical compounds in science yesterday so--OH! Darnit, I forgot to do my math homework!" Grabbing her backpack, Tia rummaged around until at last she pulled out a thick book that a few nights ago had killed a spider.

"...Ah! Here we go!" Flipping over the first few pages, Tia traced her finger across the equations while her eyes furiously searched for the assigned problems. When at last she found it she immediately poured over the problems, scribbling her pencil along her notebook...one, two, three, four problems down...only one more left.

Staring back at the young girl was a long, very complicated calculus equation. "Of course, Ms.Doodle just loves assigning us at least one problem that will melt our brains." Tia thought while cracking a grin.

Before her hand could reach for the calculator, her mind began to throw out numbers faster than her pencil could write and within less than a minute the entire problem stared back at her completely equated.
"Whoa, that just--I don't even--" Glancing back at her hand, Tia ceased her stuttering. The bell was about to ring, she didn't have to time to suggest that her hand may have been possesed.

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illuminacho confirmed
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commentCommented on: Mon Dec 29, 2008 @ 02:33am
Keep writing, girl! Keep writing!

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