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The Book of Chaos: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!
I love to write about ANYTHING! RP 's I may have made, things going on that I want to talk about...just a bunch of wonderful randomness! ^^- Oh, and a whole lot of Hiei stuff too! :heart:
Short but sweet: MORE SUPER TALE
It was morning; sun light streamed through the open window, while the sound of twittering birds came and went like the passing of a gentle breeze.
The light shone upon the empty bed that had just recently held a young girl. The covers lied tossed across the floor, sharing the space with loose sheets of paper and fallen pencils.

This scene remained mostly the same for two other rooms in two completely different homes. These rooms had kept three sick teenage girls, who until today, were forced to stay within, that is until they had “urgent business” in which to attend.

However, there was something odd about how today had begun. Something very odd indeed.


The clock read 6:30 AM. Huddled underneath thick woolen blankets that lied covered in tissues, Maddie groaned softly. It couldn’t be time…not now. It was too early; too soon! She had just fallen asleep a few hours ago. Her stomach remained silent.

BUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZ—“SHUT UP!” Her hand flew out from the covers and landed swiftly upon the noise maker! Beneath her tightly clenched fist, the alarm clock broke into shattered pieces which then lied lazily on the floor.
“What--!” Glancing over at the remains of her alarm clock, Maddie sat frozen in her bed. “How—“She then took a look over at the empty plate still beside her bed on the floor. “I wonder what Dad put in that sandwich..?”

It was thanks to this fleeting thought that Maddie took no notice in her health. For now, she was better than she had been in days. Perhaps even, better than she had been her whole life.
But she wasn’t the only one.

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