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im the thoughts that creep into ur head at nite and awake u from ur sweet slumber
i want to get some art of these characters

Zweck Messer
She has green eyes and likes black eye liner on at all times she has black, outrageously long hair [long if you don't no is like chi here's a picture but her hair goes over her left eye cut in a motion] and a fine peach skin with a very light tan. She has a black heart tattooo on her right pointer finger. She is a were wolf and has black wolf ears and a black wolf tail. she usually wears nets, tattered gloves with her fingers sticking out, kimonos, bandages on her hands of arms, and rock-punk-gothic, or lolita clothing. She like to be cute at times when she wears HUGE hats or large bed shirt.
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Verdammt Fever
he is a vampire whith mid-back length blonde hair. he has red eyes and wears old looking outfits from the vampire day and age. he likes chains, wrapped string and goth/rock outfits.

She is a cyborg, and has magic powers noone can explain, she has long rodds where her ears need to be, long blonde curly hair and bangs, emerald eyeson the back of her neck is a bar code and the numbers 62 4 42 spaced out underneath it

Akumu KuroHonoo & iie-Namae [he has lime green hair and red eyes any kinda patch over his left eye pointy ears and a funky mark under his right eye]
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Akumu Kuro Honoo [ wolf ears i dont care how they're drawn]
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+human Akumu
+weredragon Akumu
+werewolf Akumu

Cheshire: a human with a fluffy cat tail as long as his body, it has large hawt pink and plum purple strips, he has stand up, plum purple, cat ears that are pointed, shaggy plum purple hair that covers his left eye, eyes golden, he has 6 piercings on each ear, and his visible eye has a silver hoop in his eyebrow, he is devious and sly, he likes wearing sweaters, hats that shape to his ears, plaid, studded and spiked belts and bracelets, anything punk, he has a thing for Kage and Patchie
wereNeko Chesh

Kage: a human with a skinny camp fire orange tail little bit shorter than his body, he has camp fire orange cat ears that sit on the side of his head, his hair matches his ears and is shaggy but longer to his chin, his hair covers his right eye, but some times when he feels more girly puts it up in clippys, his eyes are a sharp candy apple red, he likes bright colors, and rainbow effects, he likes to wear tons of things at once, he loves sweets, strips, plaid, stitched up things, torn, punk things, and is always wearing a collar of some sort, he has a thing for Cheshire

Patchie: noone real knows WHAT he is but he is full of patches and stitches, he has a diagonal stich over his right eye and a stitch on patch around his left. he has purple eyes, and white hair, he likes punk rock clothing, chains, Cheshire, wearing too many belts, belted tops, wrapps like bandage wrapps, nets and sruffy clothing

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