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im the thoughts that creep into ur head at nite and awake u from ur sweet slumber

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or trading
all clickable links that are drawings i have done, except for Akumu

I WiLl gLADly DO arT TrADez fOR thEsE

buy art of these!!~~~~~~~~~~~~

she's a mage able to use any magic and likes purples and blues, stars and moons. Her hair is snow white, and she has turquoise eyes.

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She's a cleric with high healing powers and a pet phoenix. She like flowing clothing, has light purple hair with light pink tips. And baby blue eyes.
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kera in FULL power form

he's a fighter type, rough and rugged, he likes fingerless gloves and scuffed up outfits. he has orange hair like his fur coloring and gold eyes.

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he's a shadow demon, so he can turn all black, his ears go outrageously long when hes in shadow for, he always wears and eye patch, unless in full demon form. he has lime green hair and lime green eyes.

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these girls are a couple, and are werewolves, Kat likes hot pink and dark colors and Jay likes brighter neon colors both love any style, they love to cosplay. Kay has hott pink hair and purple eyes. Jay has blonde, usually curled hair and ocean blue eyes.

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she's a demon who loves torn or lolita clothing, she has outrageously long chains on broken cuffs around her wrist AT ALL TIMES [this pic don't show them thou she doesn't always have them "on"] she has silver-white hair and red eyes. sometimes her devil tail comes out when she decides not to hide it

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

She's a werewolf with hair thats longer then ever, [not so much in this picture but thats okay] it usually flow off the page. her eyes are emerald and hair is coal.

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she's a 1/2werewolf [1/4 wolf and 1/4human] 1/4 dragon and 1/4 vampire she is able to have anything the list can have, she love plaid and strips

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he's a vampire in love with the forbbiden Zweck, vamps and werewolfz have always been at war
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she's a robot with middle calf length hair, this is the ONLY picture i have, the hairs color is a light blonde, and her eyes baby blue, but her right holding a little bit of gold in it.
please draw her for me, open range on everything but the head and hair length!

Couples Maybe?

please be either sexy or romantic

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Iie-Namea & Akumu

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Kat and Jay

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Zweck & Verdamnt

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