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My Real Life What goes on in my life when i'm not on Gaia. suppose i could wrie this in liike an actual diary or somehing, but why would i want to?

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Impersonations are FUN!!
So i had an okay time at school today. it was prety run of the mill for a day one. i completed my math homework in pre-block, labute ruined my morning buzz with notes and as usual, doing a horrible job at teaching and getting off topic talking about her uber rich bf and then yelling at us for talking when she started it. then i went to gym and did a horrid job at every activity and just laughed it off. but olunch was the funniest part of the day. i mean, since i switched tables after me and my friend Amanda had a super big fight (now resolved), lunch has been fun all the time. However, today was like pee your pants and squirt your juice box out your nose funny. See, Dalton likes to yell at scarlett, and today he as doing an i'm personation of haw she babbles it went something like " Hey Mom, can i go outside cuz i saw this squirrell and i wanted to follow it up a tree so i can find its nest so i can take pictures for this school project for a class i'm not doing very well in?" and then she oes to school and gets an A and she says "Oh thanks, cuz i wasn't doing very well in this class and wanted to get a good grade so i could bump my grade up which i guess i did and this all started out with me asking my mom if i could go outside to follow this squirrell up a tree so i could find his nest and take pictures for this project because i wasn't doing very good in the class but now i guess i am." and it fades out with her eating a tropical fruit slush-puppy. another funny one he did today was about woodbine (a girl who tells stories in school and then dalton impersonates her telling them) being tortured in Guantanamo Bay with a water drip on forehead treatment. it was about the funnies impersonation i've heard in a while. In German and Reading, i learned a lot except for two people who, even though they both celebrate Christmas, decided to argue that we should get detentions for calling the reading class christmas tree a christmas tree because is offensive to jewish people and said we should call it a holiday or seaonal tree insatead. i argued the point that it's ridiculous that we should call a christmas tree a holiday or seasonal tree because thats even less valid in the way that it makes it sound like the christmas tree is representing all holidays and if it bothers them so fricking much, then bring in a menorah and plop it on top of the friggin tree.so there. Finally, we had math class, where like ten people didn't do their homework and didn't pay attention and angered the teacher. funn. so yeah. but tomorrow should e fun. i like day twos.
warm tingly feelings,

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