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My Real Life What goes on in my life when i'm not on Gaia. suppose i could wrie this in liike an actual diary or somehing, but why would i want to?

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Tis the Season where most people don't have school but i do
so i had my last day of school before the break yeterday, and it was pretty cool.so i walked to school and sat outside for a while, until a few of my friends wen to to see the sound of music cast list. Everyone gets in since our school is notoriously small, but only a few end up with named roles and the rest become chorus. I made chorus, which didn't really come as a shocker,but i was shocked just a bit that our seventh grade friend, Kaley, got the leading role Maria. Now, you have to understand, Kaley is one of the best singers i've ever heard, but seventh graders are NEVER lead roles. i was really happy for her, and i know she'll do a great job. Then we had to hang our signs for secret santa on the person we had to give the gift to's top locker, which allana had me and i had kat. In pre- block, i had to han Mrs.G's christmas lights(a bit late i'd say) and lent her my thank you card from emily's brthday in November. it was so funny. in first block, Ms. A had us take songs and put one vocab word in it. the groups were: Me, Kay, and Scarlett singing baby ot back with the word abut in it: Kat, Lydia, and Emily singing the Hess truck song wand fergaliscious with the word crony: Thomas, Stephen and Sean singing carol of the bells with the word ferverent; Dalton, Skylar, and Paul singing the batmas theme song wih the word cryptic; Brittany, Sarai, and Woodbine singing We wish you a merry christmas with the word stoical;Amanda and Jo singing i shot the sherrif with the word proxy; then everyone from the crony and some from abut group sung with kiersten since allana and josh wouldn't sing with her which was jingle bells with the word enmity. it was funny. then we had to sing them all over again for the seventh graders, who all but like Kaley and Arden thought we were really weird. Then Ms.A told us what our parts for Romeo and Juliet and (i'm not going to list everyone again) i got Tybalt, which i will be splitting with Kay since it is a larger part. Tybalt is a boy but at least it's a bigger part than when i played Cobweb the fairy in Midsummer Nights Dream last year. then in woodshop i started making a gft for my grandmother, and it was really fun. plus i almost sanded my finger off with the miny disc sander. Third block was German class secret santa, which i got a handmade ragdoll-ish thing that looks like a cross between gir and an uglydoll from scarlett, made with the help of jo. his name is Winslow apparently and he's injail. it is so awesome!!!!! In history we had a realllllllllly easy test, then we went home. Then i had to go to kat's house for a secret santa party (thats what the signs on the lockers were for) and it was so funny. some of the funny things were Kay getting a flap hat and a speed racer book that makes sounds, Scarlett and Jo screaming at their presents awesomeness, Emly's card expressin her scandalous love triangle (lol inside joke), me stuffina a giant pice of cheese wheel on crakers into my mouth, and the best of all, Kats Sister Angie twisting the saying on Amanda's shirt "crazy but fun" into "crazy Butt Fun". it as so stupid but reallllllly funny. oh, and i got an awesome new skull shaped purse from allana. that's all for now, merry christmas eve.

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