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...uh...I'll come back to this...
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The quest of the norm.

A 7/11 sat empty on a street corner. The owner had closed it due to damages on the inside. The door frame seemed normal so there was no forced entry by this point, the windows the same. And yet someone had come in and wrecked it, the plastic coated metal storage bins that held the candy was stomped and crushed unto the ground. The slurpee machine picked up and possibly thrown by the windows was soaked and dented. The rest of the isles seemed fine not a single dent or flake of dust...

"Your saying you saw no one around when there damages occurred?" The owner stood outside and was drawing the police officer closer to his store. The rest of the crew were getting out of there police cars.
"Sir, I was reading a magazine in my chair by the counter when things started flying around. Someone was giggling, the other yelling and I looked around for was going on. The guy yelling was saying something not understandable. And things just moved by themselves, like ghosts." The owner knew he sounded stupid for even suggesting ghosts but it was the best suggestion he could come up with.

"Hmmm...Another report like miss.Kidney but her's was simply from her cat. Do you have a tape we can view?" The chief looked for a camera; seeing what was left of it he looked a little disappointed.

"Sir, I have a second camera over on that side of the wall, it's untouched so it should work fine." The owner took them over to a door towards a backroom. He unlocked the scratched door and slightly pushed it to try and get it unstuck. It slowly opened and then quickly released open. The bottom of the door got stuck a lot due to the floor bumpy, the owner explained.

He turned on the light and showed them the camera monitors that was hooked up to the camera's on the other side. A few clicks on some buttons. And he started to replay the scene...

"Oh a new book by Dr.Kal is out." The owner said out loud to himself as he flipped a page in his magazine. A few moments went by. A few more. Then the Slurpee machine flew by passing next to the owner. It landed by the window and cracked parts the floor. "What?!" The owner fell out of his chair by the sheer sound of the slam of the slurpee machine. A blurry fog started to cover the camera,
it dissolved in a second later. the footprint smashed the candy rack. The owner frantically looked around and started to call out to who ever was out there...

sorry I'll have to write more later! gonk

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