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...uh...I'll come back to this...
what do you think...all I ever write is quizzes I've taken
Your Life Colors

You scored mainly in the Water-Sky quadrant. This 'blue' quadrant highlights the 'water' sign of your personality and your tendency to be cool and free-flowing in most circumstances. Water from the sky provides the necessary resources for growth and this is a feature of your approach to life. You will enjoy the freshness of new ideas and actively seek these out, either by talking to others or by reading.

People who map into this quadrant will enjoy examining problems or making discoveries. Consequently, you may sometimes tend to take your time in coming to decisions which affect your day-to-day life. If there are any uncertainties, your natural reaction will be to postpone things until you are sure.

You are unlikely to enjoy conflict situations which, more than likely, will create stress for you. In these circumstances you may well be a 'worrier' and this could affect your health. As a result you will usually move to defuse any potential conflicts well before they occur.

You will be a considerate person and choose your words carefully so that you don't upset others. Sometimes however, you may be so subtle that people don't realize what you are feeling about a particular issue. You may need to check that people fully understand your views and incorporate these into their decision making.

Being a 'sky' person, you may well have a strong imagination which causes you to fantasize about the future. Future possibilities interest you greatly whereas the past is something you can readily put behind you. However, be careful that you don't live too much in the future. There are the realities of day-to-day living to think about.


Your zodiac sign is: Taurus

Your planet is: Venus

In your detailed report, you will receive a description for the planet that rules your sign. This will increase your knowledge of how you can make better use of the energy and power provided to you by your sign.

Your quadruplicate is: Fixed

You also receive a description for the quadruplicate for which your sign is associated in your detailed report. The quadruplicate will explain other attributes of your personality and how you can use the energy and power of your sign to adapt to the circumstances within your environment.

Your element is: Air

The four elements have been used throughout history to describe the basic nature of humans. Our complex personality and unique nature can be understood when your element is considered in conjecture with your astrological sign.


Your Dominant Personality Type is:

The Artist

The sensitive, withdrawn type, who can appear initially thoughtful, but is often mistaken as apathetic or lazy.


If each of the functions of your personality were in perfect balance, your rank would be equal for each of the nine personality types. This occurrence, however, is extremely rare. In fact, it is precisely the wide variations from the median that represent your constantly changing response to life. This variation produces the unique profile of your personality. Thus, you will want to consider your scores in each of the nine sections to help you achieve a sense of peace and balance in your life.


Finally, once you have identified your personality type you can figure out how healthy or unhealthy you are at this stage of your life.

The concept of being "healthy" or "unhealthy" for your type emerges from the fact that human beings are not merely made up of static traits that remain constant their entire lives. At different stages of your life, you will be at different levels of development (or "health" wink of your personality.

At your healthiest - You will be in a state of psychological freedom, balance, and emergence of special spiritual qualities.
At average levels - A state that is neither optimally health nor unhealthy. You will still display many of the positive characteristics of your personality type. However, your ego becomes more active and will cause you to try to control the environment in characteristic ways. This results in the emergence of self-centeredness and the appearance of defense mechanisms.
At unhealthy levels - At these levels of health, you use dysfunctional and ultimately self-defeating survival tactics. Though these responses differ for each personality type, they responses are an attempt to bolster the ego, which is low due to anxiety. Interpersonal conflict is consequently the result.


I'll never know me

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