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My World

King Exseada
Community Member
After the great battle peace was made between ware wolf and vampire. I knew now I must finally marry the vampire queen. The day of the marraige she wore a black wedding dress. I wore a white tux. From the underworld the vampire king watched the marriage."I must stop this from happening," said the king in great rage."Do you take her hand in marriage forever throughout eternity as long as though both shall live?" He asked. "I...Just then the vampire king appeared. He showed great rage in his eyes."This is over!" He said in rage. Out of the underworld came the vampire undertakers."Give me the girl," said the vampire king. I opend a portal and sent me and the queen though it.

"oh! Where are we?" She asked."We our in the world of Corflix," I told her."What live among us in this world?" She asked me."My people," I tell her."But will my king be able to find us here?" She asks me in fear."My world of Corflix is unknown to all that do not walk among it," I tell her."I am king of this wold, no one has a higher power than I," I informed her."And I am of low power over my people," She says to me."I will do everything In my power to give you full power over your people," I told her.

"We shall get married here," I told her."Shall it be today?" She asked me.
"At dawn," I said. So we went to the center of Corflix when dawn hit and got married. We said our vows."Through thick, though sorrow I will always hold you in my heart," I said to her."Nothing in the world will break my love for you," She told me."So do you exseada take her hand in marage to love as long as you both may live?" He asked."I do," I said."And do you ,the queen of all vampires, take his hand in marage to love throughout your life as long as you both shall live?" He ask her."I do," she said. We spent the rest of that day in the Corflix Zone. I showed her just what it meant to be a true queen of Corflix.

"Meet my friends," I told her."these are the people that stayed with me throughout my adventure in the Corflix Zone," I told her."This is Cain," I told her. A great swords man and warrior. He wore a black clothes and a cloak and had black hair. his eyes were gray, when fighting they would turn red like a fire. He had great knowledge of the creatures of witch crawled Corflix."This great animal is known as Rikanah," I said to her. A great dog with fire red fur blazing in the wind. A great white main flowed in the breeze. He had a booshy tail witch blew in the wind. His mastered element was fire. "And finally Vapora," I told her. A young girl of the water element. Very peaceful. her body was covered in the skin of a dolphin. looking into the future I knew there was more to come.

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