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My World

King Exseada
Community Member
My dad woke me up at about eight. I got ready and my dad called my brother. When we left my brother came in the front thinking he would have to run in order to catch up, but little did he know we were waiting for him outside. We walked to the bus stop and waited a little while for the bus to come. When we got on the bus, my bother eventually started talkin about family guy. When we got off we caught a sky train the rest of the way to science world. We waited a long time to finally get in, but once we did the Lego exhibit was awesome. The theme was "wings,wheels & waves". There was an awesome opening display it had a train going around a nice mountain,planes in the air,boats & cars. There was a to scale model of the titanic, it was cool how they showed underneath the water. There was some cool ships like the bluenose. After we were all done me and Nathan went over to the building spot and made cars Nathan made a neat little car with a inner wheel. I made a heavy duty car that was mostly blue but had some red pieces sticking out at the back. I found out that it wouldn't drive cause of it's front bummer. I then put it on the top and raced it again. Eventually I found some good little wheels unused and decided to make a second car. This one was also blue, but much smaller and had green pieces forming a design. I tried it out on the track, but it didn't work great cause it wasn't go'n strait. Then when I put it on again I made sure it was strait. I eventually made it a bit better, and tried it on the track some more times. One kid though it was cool, he said"hey look at that one". I though he must have though it was the nicest looking car he's seen there. I tried it tons of times eventually me and Nathan where in the same race. Nathan eventually told me to put my other car on the track at the same time cause there was usually at least one extra spot. We put our cars on the track one last time before leaving and then a Asian monitor of the place took it off the track.
after that we went in this exhibit about sound science and after we got out we lost Nathan. We took a long time to find him and eventually we did find him playing with this skeleton. Then we walked all the way to triple O's for lunch and had burgers. the place was like a fast foot restaurant from the 50's. We all agreed that we liked it better than Mcdonald's. After that we went to the Missions Fest and met John. there. After we walked all the back to science world. Once we got there we did all the classic stuff and afterwards went and talked to a guy asociated with the Lego group that made the stuff. We found out that he made the center piece by the door and a bunch of other stuff. We found him work'n on the rocket ship. When we left we took the bus all the way home. I slept a bit through that ride.

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