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So little stuff so much time
Journal of a crazy bored white chick
A letter he won't read
Dear Jonathan,
So hey it's Em. And guess what? I've been doing some thinking and I'm kind of angry. Why are you always trying to make me jealous? That shows me that your either an a*****e, trying to find out if I still care, or really immature. You know what also made me angry? You always bragging about how some girls think your sexy. Good for you. Don't tell your girlfriend that. And right after that you whine about how people saying your ugly! I'm not giving you sympathy any more. If that's all true, then just go pimp around your fan-club. I hate being a jealous person. And I hate when people give me reasons to be jealous. I'd break up with you but you're harder to quit than crack. 99.9% of the time I thinking about you. Even my dreams are about you! And plus, I agree with the OMGJonathanIsHot fan-club. But just because I can't resist you doesn't mean you should walk all over me! So I demand some better treatment.I've been yo woman for almost 2 years. Want it to be longer? Then take my advice.

Love your really pissed girlfriend,

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Nocturna Nightmare
Community Member

Wed Apr 22, 2009 @ 12:42am

you go girl ;D anyway he should REALLY read this.i wish i could shove it in his face!at least you feel better right?

Community Member

Wed Apr 22, 2009 @ 12:46am

XD I wish he'd read this too but I think it might make him cry. Yeah I felt better after typing it up. XDD

User Comments: [2]
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