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So little stuff so much time
Journal of a crazy bored white chick
=~= Mrrrr
Time for new entry!! Good news and bad news. Good news first. I guess. XP

Okays so the good news is that I finally got a dress for the 8th grade dance. :3 Yay! I can't wait to the dance. It's going to be so much fun. More good news: No root canal! I got all my cavities filled today. =w= The dentist was able to fill the one she was worried might need a root canal. I'm glad that's over with. She only bitched at me 1,321,021 times that kids my age shouldn't have root canals. =_= I think I know that lady. I know I'm special so just shut up and do your job.

Bad news time. The one tooth that the dentist was concerned about is extremely fragile. I have to chew on the right side of my mouth to avoid shattering it. I'm going to need a crown like the old people. ;~; (I'm too young to get one now, my teeth have to finish growing) So basically, I could shatter that tooth if I bite something to hard. Ouch. I found out I'm scared of needles. I mean I knew I don;t like em but I almost fainted yesterday. I got a bruise on my right arm == Nasty. Took them 15 minutes just to fill 3 small vials of my blood. Apparently I have tiny veins. So tiny that they had to use a needle that they usually need for babies. BABIES!! I have baby veins!! Anyway, the doctor called me fat. God I'm gonna punch the next person that says that I swear. I have to go back on Monday. == Stupid Gardasil vaccination.

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