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More -Bleeping- Blee- than you can -bleep- with a stick

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What is Love! Baby dont hurt me~ No more~
(dont feel the need to read everything... or any of it for that matter >w<~)

(gettin' clinical~)-Love-

To desire - Feeling
To lust - Feeling
To covet - Action
To protect - Action
To worship - Action
An obsession - Action/feeling

1) A chemical response on a subconscious and biological level leaving
the recipient with a sensation that is in association with a 'desire to covet.'

2) An emotional attachment that may manifest as a physical sensation.

*Most commonly felt in the chest and stomach with symptoms being described
as akin to 'pins and needles', 'fluttering', 'tightening', 'relaxing'
or a 'light or heavy sensation felt through the nervous system.

Other common initial physical symptoms
when one is in contact love;
are felt as a weakness in the knees,
A swelling or tightening of the throat,
A warm sensation spreading through the body,
or some or all of the symptoms of physical arousal.

*Deeper manifestations include an emotional connection
witch results in a desire to protect or preserve the
well being of (x) source causing one to feel love (or the sensation of love)

*If the recipient is sentient it can also manifest as a desire for
(X) recipients happiness, health and again overall well being.
(However this definition of happiness will be relative)

*Love often arises as a sensation felt through parts the body,
or an awareness of desires corresponding to (x) recipient.
It is often felt as a connection or affiliation that is
deemed capable of changing in strength with time and circumstance.
It can be felt for any creature, thing or concept.
The recipient can become as a priority or desired responsibility
raising in status and importance the deeper the love of (x) patron becomes.

What I mean to say is...

"my heart is with you"

"When I recognize love as what might be called true or pure is when the
I have or am filled with the desire to be in the presence of some one or thing
or when I am happy for it if for nothing more then its existence."

"I love you just cause -iIdo-."

"When i feel pleased for something’s existence i feel as if its existence and
mine become a sort of shared thing. I want to protect it because i feel that
existence becomes an extension of myself.

"That shared existence means that i never feel worse then when this
isnt the case. When i become painfully aware that i and this other
thing are separate existences. When it goes away
or leaves me or is any state that means it and I cant share our worlds.

"Just -******** OFF- AND -DIE-!!"

"Hate is the opposite emotion to love in the way that it is when one
wishes something would stop being a part of your world. In my heart i
feel that aggression and affection really are the opposite sides of the same coin.

"Im sorry, I dont love you any more"

"it is my personal opinion that when some one can say
they’ve ceased to love you, they never loved -you- to begin
with. Often i think of it a poorly communicated wayof
saying, "I cant find what attracted me to you any more.

“In my experience the folly comes when the source of there affection
becomes obscured. Or when what they loved was something
that is in its self momentary, Ie. Novelty, Romance,
'the chase' ,beauty, status or merely in love with being
in love. Often if these are the fist priorities above the
person or thing in question they can stunt or mislead any love that may
otherwise develop as real affection for things with a longer span." (Ie. a person)

"I love you"

"I love you is a phrase i reserve for those i would rather risk my life for
then have them be taken from me. It is a phrase for those who i hope my
heart and mind will well remember even as i take my last breath. They are
words i advise against saying to someone unless you feel you know
what you are in love with. You may indeed love them but those words
are a promise to oneself and ones beloved of forever. To me ‘
I love you’ means ; I find what you are or this is, pleases my
values or priorities in a valuable way and i will do my best
to protect this connection, or feeling, so long as i exists.

"for as long as we both shall live."

"It is something that is a bit of a personal definition but love for me is
not something that can go away or fade. The thing that wanes and leaves
is whatever is providing love as a sensation. If i find i dont love someone or thing
anymore its because what i loved wasnt so much (a thing) but something
about (a thing). Once i identify the true source of my affection it
can extend to that witch that thing is dependent on or connected to.
This is how i believe love grows."

"love at first sight!"

"Love can happen slowly, one can be oblivious to the connection until
they feel it severed. Or it can be recognized instantly, when the whole of
something/one, as a whole, are recognized to encompass many of the
values or priorities the observer. Extending to the point where one would
give all that they have to immortalize this connection."

"healthy love"

"Can be described as love that is mutually beneficial to the
priority's and circumstances of both parties. often resulting in a
balanced collaboration as well as an environmental and
emotional equilibrium."

"You are not alone"

"Love to me isnt something that happens as reaction to stimulus.
It is a more like a recognition that the existence of this (thing, person, concept)
complements your own existence. It can bring joy, gives validation,
purpose or meaning to one fron the point of a source defined externally.
Emotions are reactions to mental stimulation. Love and hate however
seem to leave one the most aware that what causes this sensation isnt
something one can change with a thought like the position of ones arms,
or by an understanding like a puzzle."

"To me Love for two creatures is a colliding of existences and a clashing
of wills and desires. I believe that it happens every time that
something makes one smile or laugh, or when something pleases a
significant part of ones being as a whole. It can find a path through
respect or admiration and truly blossom into dedication and devotion.”

"One true love"

"I dont believe in such a thing as a one true love. Love is something that is in potential already there between two creatures even before they associate. I will always love those who i have loved in my past and if i find love in the future, I will wish to find some way to pay tribute to any connection I feel. However, i do believe that one can hold a bond between ones self and another as a special and treasured in a way unique to its self.

"Unbreakable bond"

Under this it becomes more then a connection as a link but one that time can only strengthen. For me this bond is a deep and sacred creation forged by my core and protected by all that I am. I believe that once love develops a momentum of its own it also seems in my experience to protect its self and is something that I use to draw emotional strength and fortitude. Once forged it may grow cold or go dormant but if love is there it is always there.
For me love is Unshakable and Eternal.

(This is a declaration of my emotion and understanding and what i would refer
to as my religion, love. It is also for my friends and anyone else who can
dig where im coming from. It has a special place for all of my past lovers
(hoo know hoo they yar!)

(But was inspired as a gift by my best friend and dedicated tummy rubber
and problem solver Corillion- Auberon, for our five year aniversery.
It was done as a collaboration between me and the rest of the voices in my head.)
(Ie My Rp characters)

With love From Nai~

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