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Chibz ★ Journal

Future in Chaos
Community Member
★This is a strange world★
It really, truly is. Sometimes you think someone hates you but they really love you. Some people say they love you without even knowing how much that means to you.

★Problem 1★
People think I'm a perfectionist. Just because I care about spelling and grammar, coloring and inking, etc. At least I don't stand in front of the mirror for an hour every morning making sure that every single strand of hair is positioned right.

★Problem 2★
My foot hurts! xp I was sorta kinda carving this bowl thing in class today and the clamp fell right on my foot. stressed Well, shows just how lucky I am!

★Problem 3★
I've got spectacular hearing. And usually in class people are talking, so I hear a bunch of stuff I really wish I didn't. I really have no idea how people can talk about stuff like that with a straight face!!

★Problem 4★
Guys. When they stare at me I usually think "What's wrong with me now?" But after getting lots of my big sisters guy friends compliment me by saying I'm hot, pretty, gorgeous and cute, I'm just really confused. And then there's also a guy I liked a few years ago, it took 2 whole years to forget him, and I'm stuck back in the same class as him with him being all weird! scream What's wrong with my life????? Another guy seems to have false memories, because yeah, I lived next to him, he was insane, I was scared of him, blah blah blah, but now he seems to think that we both liked eachother. It's driving me insane! Sadly enough I like him a lot now... and I don't even know why! In general he is a stupid, retarded, perverted jerk, but for some strange reason it doesn't matter to me. He isn't that great looking either. Just average. I guess I really am insane.

★Problem 5★
My math teacher will kill me soon. I'm sorry for not being the reincarnation of Einstein!! Sleeping is one of my many skills too!! That's one thing I seem to lack lately because I'm on the computer so much. >_<"

★Problem 6★
Well, I'm joining a joint art shop, but no one there is active! We haven't even made the shop yet, we're still planning!!! gonk I go to that thread all the time, write down random stuff, wait for them to return, and then it repeats. I don't want to wait forever!!!!!!!!

--Chibz ★

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