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Chibz ★ Journal

Future in Chaos
Community Member
Just another day...
or two, really.
So yeah, I got some news.
I'm doing this crazy thing were my friend picks a guy and I have to get to know him.
Every day I have a new question I have to ask him.
The first one I had was "What's your favorite color" and he said "bread."
I wonder if that's a color..?
Anyways, I think he might have been saying Buh-Red.
Like he was pondering if he should say "Blue" or "Red."
I was reading a little of this one book really late last night, and it got all fuzzy and I'd be reading a few paragraphs without really comprehending anything.
Schools been.. interesting.
I'm still not sure about one guy and the other guy I'm just about positive I love.
Yeah, he's everything I don't want, but I think that everyone has a good side and everyone deserves a chance.
Of course, the first guy is hotter, ((or should I say more beautiful?)) and he's just a plain old better guy.
But I can't get over the other guy.
I don't even know why!
He's not spectacular, really hot, super nice, and he doesn't have the greatest personality, but I still cant not like him.
I'm such a RETARD!! Dx
Today I went to some Cinco De Mayo dance because my sis forced me to, and it was so BORING!
I hate dances and am very, very clumsy.
I have the hardest time doing those stupid dance moves, and we were dancing salsa!
Then I just ran off and was bored for a few hours.
So, that's it for now.
--Chibz <3

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Kawaii Cowboy Boots
Community Member

Sat May 09, 2009 @ 05:08am

interesting sweatdrop 3nodding

Future in Chaos
Community Member

Thu May 14, 2009 @ 03:11am

Haha, yeah, I've got a VERY interesting life. >_<"

User Comments: [2]
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