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boyfriends and family
ugh! I hate how my mom and aunt think they know my boyfriend better then I do! they think he's like every other guy, and he's not. he's not afraid to show his feelings and he doesn't like me because he thinks I'm cute, he likes me for me. you my think "he's just saying that to get in your pants," no, he's not, we were friends first, and we understand each other because we're growing up in the same, gang infested, dangerous, ghetto, peace of $hit town, Pomona. and plus who are they to give me relationship advice? my mom fights with my dad on a daily basis because she can't always have things her way! and my aunt isn't much better. they think just because he hasn't called me he's a bad boyfriend, okay....it kinda means he is but I already talked to him about why he hasn't called me. on the last day of school when I left him he was walking to the bus and he lost his phone on the bus, so how do they expect him to call!? he has a house phone but 1. he doesn't know anyone's number by heart (nowadays, who does?) and 2. his parents are mean, so they don't let him use the house phone. if you think I'm being crazy about his parents then you're wrong. they know he has a girlfriend and they don't care. not like, "oh really? okay." i mean, "whatever." that's how they are to him, anything he says or does is "whatever" to them. just because my dad and aunt's boyfriend are a$$holes to my mom and aunt doesn't mean all guys are! so girls, just because you had a bad relationship doesn't mean every guy is like that.

please tell me what you think of the situation, because he's my 1st real boyfriend and i really, REALLY like him. heart

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Community Member

Fri Jun 26, 2009 @ 02:35am

thats messed my parents found out i wiz frnds wit a guy n they made fun of me xp

Alchemist Blackdragon
Community Member

Fri Jun 26, 2009 @ 04:01am

Okay I know what u are goin through trust me okay, but I want to ask u something that might get u thinking, ur 14 right if I remember, are u sure that u really want to be with him like this for the rest of ur life? It's different being a bf and gf and then saying that u really want to be with him for the rest of ur life......I mean there are always others that u could find and be with or someone else out there for u to or he could find someone else, and ur parents I don't know what to say because I haven't seen this guy in person myself, anyone can act a certain way just because ur around them but have u seen them without u there is the question....

Community Member

Fri Jun 26, 2009 @ 05:12am

Well hell it sounds like his parent's need to stop being such a bunch of strict ninny's first of and second of all you got a good point there just because he can't call doesn't make him a bad boyfriend hell me and my Girl can't even call eachother because we are 1 state apart xd

hope this helps at least ^_^

Community Member

Fri Jun 26, 2009 @ 05:22am

its ok mommy me will help chu

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