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parties + wannabe gangsters = bad night
you know somethings wrong with the world when you can't even got to a party, have fun, and make it home in one piece. last night i went to a party with my mom, it was fun an old family friend. i started to be bored because the DJ was playing sucky music, but then i started to experiment with the achool. it was pretty cool, i didn't get to drink any, but a lot of people seemed to like it. so when i was done with that i went outside and my friend was DRUNK. it was kinda funny, he kept asking me to get him one more beer. so later on i went inside, made a few more drinks and then put some jello shots in the freezer. when i walked out side everyone was looking towards the back alley, then some guy walked by. me and my cousins girlfriend (she's el prago ^^) went to see, on our path over there the floor had a LOT of blood on it. so when we got to the back i asked my friend, (my dads old homie, he use to come around a lot, so he's my friend. he was 1 of 3 of my dads homies that was there) and he told me that my uncle and fatso (dads homie #2) stabbed someone because he was messing with my tio. i thought wow.........why do people pick on the short guy? (he's shorter then me, and that's saying a lot) so i saw him go walk up to the front where my mom and tia (his sister) we're at. so me and cousins girlfriend waited for a bit and started asking cousin D (her boyfriend) what happened, but before he could say anything, some guys come up to us (well actually, we were the only girls there, and they were talking to the 10 guys that were there, but still) and are all like "why you guys messing with us?" but they tried to sound all hard. so me and cousin's girlfriend started to walk up to the front, but before we can get up there i hear my mom yell "it's Monkey!" (my tio). so i run up to see what happened, i saw my tio on the street covered with blood and not responding. when i asked where my mom was the guy Jon trying to help my tio said "your mom and tia went after the two guys who did this." but then my mom reapears and that's when cousin D, Fatso, my tio Jerry, both of my dads homie, and some other guys i didn't know came to the front, i started to run after the guys myself, but my mom yelled "D! Fatso! go get them!" so they ran past me and my mom started yellng "bonna! go call the cops." so i go inside and ask some if i could use their phone, but i was paniking and didn't feel like holding, so i hung up, went outside and everyone started yelling "someone get water!" so i turn around and grab the 2 gallon bottle of water off the counter and ran back outside, but they already had my tio in Tremal's (my dads homie, my friend) car and started drivng him to the hospital. not even two minutes they left the police and the ambulance came. i was already crying out of control, so my mom grabs me and tells me i need to calm down, but i couldn't, that was my tio, we're only five years apart, so we grow up together. so then my friend (the drunk one) hugs me and keeps telling me that my tio will be okay and that he'll kill the guy. then he tells me that he's gonna throw up, so i go and sit on Sherrie's (cousin's girlfriend) lap. and then some girls come out leaving, but the guy who was helping m tio tells them to stay and that the party will start up again. i get pissed! so i cuss this guy out, and then my tio comes back because he didn't want to go to the hospital, so i hug him, but i can tell he wasn't all there because he wouldn't say anything. after that, i was just ready to kill someone. but luckily Fatso knew the guys, and where they lived, so the cops took them. later my mom told me that they had my tio in between two cars so no one could see, but when she saw they stomped on his head and they started running when she yelled at them, and she started chasing them. my moma don't play! she can fight. my mom said they were claiming Olvera St. as their gang..........................what the ********! Olvera St. isn't even a real gang! it's not even a gang! telling us what street you live on is just giving us info on where to find you. anyways, my tio's okay, and i'm happy, but now i'm gonna take martial arts class so i won't be paniking like i did.

yup...................fun party.....

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