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Comet's Journal
My journal that I will try to fill in occasionally when I feel like putting in memorable things.
My holiday's and the randomness involved
Okay, well, my holidays were pretty bland, but actually, probably the most exciting i've had in a long time, which seems kind of sucky to say,

my birthday was 4 days after it ran into the holidays, though saying bye to people was kind of sad, anyway the birthday was a great day, and I received alot of things from my family (in real life and on gaia), like guitar hero, and Isshin's sword which makes me kind of guilty, if your reading this Isshin no more okay >//<!

So, guitar hero's really super fun, it's tiring though, and since I played the drums for too many days when I got it, i've fallen out of whack with the guitar, im kind of bad at it.. being multidextrous though, I can learn to play either way, i'm used to the normal way on the drums though, and at the moment I can only handle medium, lucky I don't feel like an idiot anymore, since stephen said he only plays medium on the guitar, which is as far as he can go.
then raven came over for a night, and we played into the morning then went to sleep, oh jeeze, I haven't played in so long though.. my arms are so tired, I don't even want to know what the hard difficulty has to offer on the drums if medium makes you have to hit them constantly at least once every half a second, and it makes you sweaty, guitar has it easy on that mode compared, it doesn't have to be strummed nearly as much ! and it only uses 3 colors on that difficulty, whereas drums use all 5. *sigh*

So.. that's about the first week, other than all the things I got and being with friends, I was sleeping alot, and basically not doing anything, oh.. god.. I better seriously do some of my homework for the holidays (it sucks, why do we get it in the holidays!? and so much !) the last day of holidays is tommorow, and I haven't done uhm.. well anything, i couldn't be bothered, and all i've had is the last three days to start! i've been so busy
I better do the maths.. or mr. plu will literally grab me with his hands and strangle me .. or just scream since I said i'd do the holiday homework >.> he's so mean most of the time, you do anything wrong that and he'll either stare you down, or brew a storm telling you to get out the room or have detention bla bla bla.

Then on last weekends sunday I went to see two movies, Year one, and Ice age 3 with raven, which was really fun (: it went till 9:30, and when we went to his house it was late enough for his parents to not care if I stayed over, which is lucky i bought the 360 over. (mwuhaha I was prepared)

oh, then I was just tidying alot to prepare for thursdays party with stephen and vincent, and I moved the black/crescent imprinted coffee table into my room, it looks good (: (okay so it's not really a coffee table, I just chucked some things onto it and made it a normal one, and it was basically just a normal table anyway) and it's sturdy, I realize how much I love tech, I could really get into it, it's probably my favorite class, wish I had a drawing class of some sort though, i'm still thinking on my manga's plot, I haven't got to draw lately though, I couldn't really be bothered, and I know what to get shay (Fallen star shay) for her birthday now! *cough* don't try to get me out of it, i'm giving you something, wether you like it or not shay ^-^
oops so, on thursday, was fun, but seriously.. why did the house, that day, just why did it have to be THAT day, we played left for dead, halo, and gears of war, but the power kept going out!! it went out around 4-5 times, and it sucked so much! it's like we're in a match, and boom it goes out, *facepalm* and it has never done anything like this before, of all days, on my birthday party it chooses to be all wierd, but oh well, raven got to stay over since we used the excuse of "we didn't get much time" heh xD and I got three months membership from raven, and a headset from stephen, pretty fun, and i'm wanting to see the new harry potter when it comes out, it looks really good, but im not that hyped about it, since I know all the movies are good, and i've seen all of them at the movies each time they came out.

anything else to add? uhm oh yes! happy birthday Maddie, Joe, Shay, and some other people whom I know are also having a birthday (wow I haven't had this many people having one before)

Funny how I missed school a little throughout the holidays (because of friends), yet when it gets one or two days before it comes back, I get a sick-ish feeling (probably because of the homework) and don't really want to go back, or maybe it's just anticipation
and i've been having such wierd dreams lately, and staying up till like 4-6am, then waking up in the afternoon at 1-3pm, all of them are so wierd and I remember them mostly.. but some I'd rather not say, cause their too messed up,

so, pretty interesting holiday I guess, one more day of freedom to go!

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