Name: Shi
Age: 18 years old.
Gender: Female
Family: Shape shifter
Appearance: User Image
User Image
Personality: Shi is usually kind but can fight ferociously when she has to.
Orientation: straight
History: Shi was born and raised like a human. Both her parents were into fencing and archery and soon enough Shi had mastered both to make her parents proud, but nothing she did could be good enough for them. Her father took most of the blame from her mother; who was corrupted by a demon. And when she had finally lost it, stabbed him several times in the chest till Shi shot her in the heart with the same bow and arrow her mom had taught her with. It was a feeble attempt to save her father, who died shortly after her psychotic mother.

Being the brave girl she was, Shi decided to put down her skills and travel from her town to work at a bakery. As she got older she was pronounced the top cook and she was proud that she could finally gain acknowledge from the people.
One day she was walking to the bakery late one night because she forgot to lock the doors; as a human she was often forgetful of these simple things and that's when she was jumped by a guard who seemed to think she was a monster.
He took her by the arm into a large building and forcer her into a small cage.
It was soon that she had been told who her parents really were, and how the stress of bearing a child had become for both of them.
It was then that Shi had first transformed into a mouse, jumping threw the bars before turning into a full grown wolf and escaped into the forest. Now every animal she can touch; she can turn into without fail.
Theme Song: Gravity