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all i wanna say is that
they don't really care about is...

that is such a good song... i say amen to it.

well, it's really called "they don't care about us" but ya know, that's not how the chorus actually goes.

anyway, it's reminding me of modern- day society..... it won't be long before they all join together into a cult and try to kill us. it'll be the KKK all over again.

ya know, seriously, after there were WARS fought over this issue.... people still discriminate.
they still do it!!!!!

people really gotta stop. i'm not changing for anyone, i'm not here to please anybody, and if i'm not good enough for you, then it's not my problem.
i'm tired of being the victim of shame, you're throwing me in a class with a bad name. (from the song)
my hair and the way i style it has nothing to do with you or your life. i'm not trying to frustrate you in any way. i don't hurt anybody by styling my hair the way i want it...

i'm not here so someone can get joy out of making me feel bad about myself.
that's not gonna get us anywhere... so why do it?
is it because your life sucks?

well, i'm sorry about that.
hating on me isn't gonna make it any better, it's just gonna make people hate you even more.

stop categorizing me. i don't have a definition, my style doesn't have a definition, my name is emily lam and i am an individual person.

i really don't care if you hate it, what is it that you want from me? i don't give a [********] that you don't take me seriously. again, not my problem.

i have bigger things to worry about, so if you think even for one second that i'll be any different than i was before you called me a "little scene kid who needs to grow up", then you're wasting your time.

get to know me and what i stand for a little bit, then you can decide to hate me. or decide that i'm not good enough to be alive.

just because i have black hair doesn't mean i hate my life.
it doesn't mean that i hate the world,
that i don't wanna save it or even that i don't have feelings.
just because i wear skinny jeans doesn't mean i can't do the things that anyone else does.
it doesn't mean i rebel or try to kill people, OR that i'm not smart, or that i'm illiterate!

beat me, hate me
you can never break me
will me, thrill me
you can never kill me

hit me, bash me
you can never trash me
hit me, kick me
you can never get me.

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