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it's so tricky.
i can't even tell what motivates me, i am subliminally motivated by un- identified things.

sometimes it's the people i care about.
but then i realize that it isn't.... i realize this when i'm still motivation- less; regardless of the fact that they are still around me.

yet it still is in some way, shape, or form.....
i don't even know.

it's so silly and pointless, but do you ever just completely loose your motivation?
and then gain it back in say... five minutes? hours? days? weeks? months?

i do. i get lazy and so on.

it doesn't necessarily mean i'm sad or anything, i just loose sight of any reasons i may have to complete something i started.

or just not start anything at all, for that matter.

like now for instance. xD

i have a lot of un- replied to messages in my inbox!
i don't feel like replying!

or even starting up messages with any people!!

so they should make a going- away message for gaia. where you set it up and use it as desired, when someone sends you a message and you have the going- away thing active, it'll tell them something like, "hey, i won't be on for a bit".

like a gaia vacation! a COMPUTER vacation!!!

that way, you don't feel like a jerk for "ignoring" people, and you also get a break.

i don't mean to not reply. D: although very few people actually still talk to me, i still don't want them to feel like i'm ignoring them....

i reaaalllyy am not trying to be rude, i just loose my motivation sometimes.

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commentCommented on: Sat Aug 29, 2009 @ 07:55pm
is it me? =(

commentCommented on: Sun Sep 06, 2009 @ 08:39pm
of course it's not to you!!


it's other people who keep pressuring me...

i just need space. o.O so i don't have a freak- out.

mostly it's the art shop...

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