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Gunmetal's life Stories
This is where I write stories full of action and suspense I will add most of the people on my friends list cuz...I'm just that cool
Day One: Gunmetal enters the land of Gaia
I sat there on the train and over the loudspeaker I heard, "Next stop Gaia. I repeat next stop Gaia. Thank you for choosing Firefox express, please ride again." Soon the train stopped. i got up and began making my way to the exit suddenly I was ambushed by three shadowy figures. I stuggled but to no avail. All i was left with was the gold in my pocket and my ripped clothing. I got off the train platform and sowed my clothing together. "(Sigh) Day one in a new enviroment and all I have now is 400 gold....Darn..." I made my way down the stairs and tripped on a rock hidden in the snow. (Crash) Tears began to run down my eyes crying "Why can't I win...." then a shadow moved in front of me and said," Hey there! Need some help?" I looked up to see a woman wearing cat gloves and a strange leaf hat. "Hi! My name is Pink_Robotic Techno_Kitty. You can call me Kitty!" I grabbed her hand and she helped me up."Thanks Kitty!" "No problem! Are you new here?" I wiped the snow off my clothing and said,"Yea...Is it that obvious?" The glances at me and quickly says,"Yup!" I lowed my head and sadly said," My stuff was stolen from me....." Kitty then burst into laughter. "I fail to see what so funny!" I yelled. "It's alright everyone loses their things on that train. It has very bad security." I looked at her and noticed she had a staff."You seem to be rolling in dough....Your not one of them are you?" She turned to me and smashed her staff on my head."OW!!! MY BRAIN!!" I rubbed my head furiously," What the heck is that for?" She looked at me seriously,"Never put me on the same level as them...." She then smiled and cheerfully asked,"How about a tour of Gaia?" I tried pushing down the large bump on my head," Sure...Ow....I'll go. Just don't hit me anymore."
......................................Several moments later.......
"And here is where santa comes. hes big and fat and...." Kitty turns around to see me standing with drool running down my face. She grips her staff and yells,"PAY ATTENTION!!!!" And she swong her staff as hard as she could. The staff hits me and sends me flying into this wondering girl. (Crash) The snow clears to see the girl laying on the floor and my head in a tree. The girl got up and yelled,"HEY, DO YOU MIND!!!"Kitty gasped and ran over to the wandering girl,"Oh geeze are you okay?"
and from inside the tree trunk I yell," Help! I think I need medical attention....Please? Anyone?" Kitty looked over at me and said," Care to help me pull him out?" The girl replied,"Sure...I guess..." After several attempts they managed to pull me free. "Thanks...Oh wait what's your name?" I finally see daylight and I look up to see a girl in a red dress with matching red hair. "My name's Misketti! What's your name?" "My name's Pink_Robotic Techno_Kitty...You can call me Kitty" Misketti turned to me and helped me up."Wow you look like you've been through a lot!" I look at her and say."....Yea....."She looked at me confused and asked,"Whats your name?" Kitty walked up and said,"Yea, I forgot to ask you that?" I turn and say with pride,"I AM KNOWN AS.....GUNMETAL......ALCHEMIST!!!" The Japanesse rising sun appears in the background. Kitty and Misketti look at me and lightly chuckled sweatdrop . "Wait where do I find somewhere to spend the night?" Kitty said,"You have to go to the Akea Home department on the farside of town." I looked at her and said,"I can't do that till tomorrow...What do I do about tonight?" Both Misketti and Kitty begin to back up slowly."You know....Hehe.....I don't think we can help you there.... sweatdrop "said Kitty. I looked at them confused and ask," Can't I stay with one of you?" They continue to back up,"You know...Your cool and all....But I don't think I trust you enough....."Said Misketti. They both turn and run towards the other section of town."I have a mission now...I must get to the Akea Home department tomorrow!" I clench my fist and lift it."I WILL GET A HOME!!!!!!"

Gunmetal Alchemist
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Gunmetal Alchemist
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    commentCommented on: Thu Jan 12, 2006 @ 03:31am
    Didn't you ask me about the home thing?

    Just checking.

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