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Diary of William Saint Claire
My journal..is my get away from reality. All of what you see, is what floats within this demented and odd lil head of mine. Please comment my journals when you read them. thanks.
Random rant

cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

For those of you who in fact, do not know, i write rants. I write them often, about little things, about big things, about things....that generaly bug me...and i do not hold back, so if you are easily offended, and something in here, probably will, then please....turn away now, and save yourself, because once you read, i have no appologiez. Yes, i write rants, usually on myspace, but i have decided to grace you all...with a gaia exsclusive...so without any further waiting(adeu was in a rant) i give to you, ULTIMATE RANT: Gaia addition.

So im driving down the road, and the speed limits 45, and im cruising along, playing my music, havin a good ol time...until i get behind the sunday drivers club. What do i mean by the sunday drivers club? I mean the idiots that decide that driving 30 in a 45 is cool. Well let me tell you something...its not cool in fact...it pisses me off...the speed limit is set.....for you to go that speed, not ten under, not fifteen under, go...the...fricken...speed limit...you morons. And to make it all worse, they travel in packs. Its like a group of grandmas got together and said hey...we'll teach them whipersnappers....and then drove down the road really slow, and all together, so i cant pass there retarded asses! Theres a song for you all...and the lyrics go... "Move b***h, get out the way, get out the way b***h, get out the way."

Hey..that reminds me of something...i like my music...and i like to play it loud. Where else can i play my music loud, than the car? I cant do it at home, cause other people live here, and they will b***h nonstop, but thats why i play it loud in the car. Its my getaway from everything. I wrap myself in the music and the miles, and just drift off into dream....so...when im sitting next to you...dont start getting all road ragey on me if its a bit too loud for your taste...thats what windows are ******** roll em up, cause im not turnin my s**t down for noone!

I shall move on at this point. Look... lies..hurt. Dont lie to people, because its going to come back and bite you in the a**. Especially dont lie to friends. Who else is gonna be there for you when something bad happens. Whos gonna be the first in line to help you out when you need it? A friend. Treat them with the upmost respect, and give them your 100 percent loyalty, because if you dont, then what are you really? Just another pedestrian in the street of life. And when you do that...the karma bus...will run you the hell over, and make you wish you werent such an a*****e.

Loyalty is so damn hard to find these days. Nearly everyone is out for their own personal gain, sure there are the few that would put you first over anything, but more than likely you havent found them. Honesty, loyalty, respect...its all so hard to find. So many knives shuved into the backs nowadays. Well, i tell you one thing...ive been hurt...and ive been hurt alot...and ive got stab wounds so deep in my back they pierce the heart...but times have changed, and nothing, and i mean nothing will get in my way of ripping your heart out and eating it, if you even think about stabbing me in the back. I do not tolerate lies, deciet, because i dont do it myself. I am 100% honest, and i am a true friend, and i expect that in turn and if youve got other plans, save yourself and walk the other way fast, and if you do the same to my friends, ill make you wish that hell would save you from the pain.

Ah....well, that feels better...but im not done!

Yes, i believe in karma...i always thought it was dumb until recently. You do bad things, bad things happen to you, and if you do good things, good things happen. And 9-10 times it works....Oh good ol karma...its like my sidekick in life...f** with me and you get karmas boot across the face!

Another thing that annoys me is racist. Ok, i will joke. I make jokes, racist jokes, i may say some derogitory slang, some terminology that you may perceive as racist but i gaurantee its not, and know why? Because im not racist. I dont care what race, nationaity, religion you are. It doesnt matter to me! Only thing that matters to me is if youre a good person or not. Ill make jokes, but they are supposed to be funny, and yes sometimes people take it the wrong way, and i appologize for that, but i mean no harm by it, but there are some who do...and these people...are ******** morons. Why judge someone based on how they look? Thats pretty much stupid in itself. You could be missing out on a great opportunity at friendship with an awesome person, yet you would rather judge the book by its cover. Values, morals, personality, is what creates a person, not their skin. To think otherwise makes you about as smart as a dead squirelle on the highway....retard...

Someone go make me a sammich...im hungry...

Hey....highway workers...the ones who build the roads...i ******** hate you....you make me sit in traffic...you make my car overheat...you make my life miserable...and i pay you for it....i hate you...forever and that will never change....

So...i was reading the lable of a lysol bottle...and it says..."Kills the flu virus." This got me to thinkin....if lysol....can kill the flu virus...why is it so impossible to make a cure for it? Why is it so impossible to make a vaccination? Yes, i know the chemicals in lysol are toxic...but dammit i know there has to be a way. If we can make a spray we can make your day, by makin you better, and yes i did just rhyme. Whats the holdup? Seriously...

I hate how bananas get those lil brown spots on them and get all mushy...i mean...ill still eat em but...its weird.

Ok...women...if you like a guy...dont go flirting with other guys...that goes for guys as well...sheesh! Dont lead them on, just to hurt them...have a heart.

It smells like fart in here and i dont know why...

I hate that when i get hurt or im sick, that i have to pay thousands of dollars just for them a doctor to say hello to me. There should be a limit on how much hospitals can charge you. Im poor...dont make me pay you ten grand...youre never gonna see it, so whats the point. When poor people come in you should just say, hey....they are poor, lets put them on a special plan where they get good medical treatment, and only have to pay for a fraction of it. Sounds good to me, or maybe ill just become a canadian citizen and get free health care all together. yeah thats what ill do.

I dont like drugs. Im very against them. Ive seen way too many lives destroyed by drugs and i dispise it if a friend does them. it make sme worry. Along with alcohol. Dont do drugs. Dont be proud to do them either...because if you do them...youre pretty much an idiot. Your life will slowly be destroyed and youll lose everything.

Ok so now im getting tired, but im really not done....its time i rant on gaia.

So, everyones been too towns, and have had the annoying noobs cybering. If you havent noticed...its annoying...So if youre a cybering in towns...im going to treat you like an idiot, and mess up your game. Thats right. Im going to say the most random ******** up s**t tht makes you completely lose your train of thought and wreck your e-boner. ******** sickos! Go to pm if you must, or go get an instant messenger but please....dont do it in the open where i can read your retarded bullshit.

Another thing...dont ask me for donations. Theres perfectly easy ways to gain gold, other than begging for s**t. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOOO! Youre not getting s**t from me less i see that your worthy. Yes i have a standard of worthyness, and 99% of people are not on that list.

Gaia....stop changing....seriously, its getting annoying..youre screwin up everything and making me confused, dont make me b***h slap you.

Is it me or do mods just not care at all about anything. I can report a sicko thats harrasing people, i can report a death threat, i hacked account, stolen items, nude pics, stalkers....and no matter what i do....it never gets resolved. So many of my friends have been through all of those things, and there has never, not once been any kind of resolution to it. Now i know theres probably alot of complaints, but if you cant accomodate the problems, then you either need new moderators, or more of them, because this is becoming annoying. If theres a problem, i want action within the next few hours at least. I dont want to have to sit here days on end, waiting and hoping for a reply....and getting nothing at all...do your damn jobs...or quit...and appoint better people.

Well...thats about all i have....so now...heres the ******** list. The list of things that piss me off.

Plastic bags that fly out of my car when im driving, cause of the wind. People who flick their cigs out the windows. People who litter when theres a trashcan right next to you, or just littering in general. People who run over stuff. Popped tires. Broken down cars. Burning myself. Smelling other peoples farts, smelling my own farts. Drinking warm water. Stomach cramps. Stops signs with graffiti on it. Burnt bacon. Burnt anything really. Stupid people. People who make me repeat myself ten times. People who beg for nothing. Bums. My mom. My sisters, my dad. Abusive boyfriends. Extremely preppy people. High and mighty people. people with no since of humor. The word MER. the fact that im thirsty. Dirty socks. Rockband. Obama, and osama. John Cena. Corn on the cob, corn in my teeth. Constipation. Sick friends that i cant help. Wedgies. Uncomfortable chairs. Smelly breath. My hair. My baldd spot. And last but not least, newbs. To all of those things, i give a big ol ******** you.

And to the rest of you, remember what i said. if youre offended, i warned you, no appologies, hope you enjoyed. Have a nice day.

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

William Saint Claire
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    Community Member

    Fri Dec 18, 2009 @ 04:46am

    I CAN'T HELP LAUGHING! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhaha! blaugh xd You don't joke when you said you don't hold back. Haha! Oh yeah, I'm glad you're not racist. Because I'm _ _ _ _ _ . <<< I fill the blank next time. sweatdrop

    Community Member

    Wed Dec 23, 2009 @ 05:08am

    why did u take me off your friend list :/
    and are you okay!!!

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