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A bit more about me
Well as the title said a little bit more about me
I've decided to make a small story on a day to day life of a typical odd girl, in her eighth grade. So here it is and here I go.
Chapter 1 of ...Hi

We had just finished a rock lab. We were studying rocks and using our observation skills. I was sitting with, Mario, Tyler, and sitting straight across from James. I smiled as me and Tyler tried to figure out who's rock it was...I had smiled because Tyler was being an idiot and Mr. Kibler was being a nutcase. Mr. Kibler had told us
"Hypothetically, if we were to have a hypothetical fire drill at hm, sat nine thirty. Which we're not. Then we'd go down the stair case and onto the track. Hypothetically of course." Which gave him away.
We were going to have a fire drill at nine thirty. But it wasn't 9:30 yet so we were all paying attention to our lab. But the fire alarm went off, and some kids screeched and I simply stood up and headed for the door. I was always immune to the blaring fire drill noises. Mr. Kibler lead us out and we all followed.
This was a new school, not like I was just coming into a new school like elementary or middle or high school...but it was a new built school and people from 5 different schools were joined into this building.
Like always you must have a crush right? Of course you do. As usual until I get to know people, I have my usual crush that I like yet don't really talk to, and the one I pretend I hate, and the one I just can't stop thinking about but I've convinced myself I don't like. Simple, I liked three kids and that was it. But of course. I'm the shy girl.
I'm Lexi Childs. So have I ever had a date? Nope. Well your sure I've at least been told I'm cute right? Heckuh no. But that I hope is changing this year. My eighth grade year. I decided I wouldn't be as weird and tomboyish...but instead I couldn't, not be weird. I always bonded with the young, weirdos. It was my thing and I was comfortable with it.
But the guys I like, aren't much into, dating weirdos, or a girl who has to wear her glasses still. But whatever, I don't care that much, all I'm wishing for is at least my first kiss this year.
So anyhow once we got down to the track I turned in my spot like everyone else and of course I held my elbow and bit my lip, knowing that James was behind me. He began talking about a movie I'd never heard about, called 28 weeks. It was about zombies from what I had heard. He and Mario were babbling on about the funny parts. I had a thing for listening in on people, and snickering and giggling at the same time, it was always about a second short but it gained tons of attention. It wasn't unattractive or anything, in fact most people have inherited it already from me. But I snickered and giggled, at the same time, and James heard. He stopped talking and I turned my head looking back at them while I continued walking..
"You seen the movie?" he asked with quizzical eyes behind his dead straight brown hair. I took a second pretending to be taking it in when it started drizzling. I groaned, my hair was going to be a frizzed up thing now.
"Er, no, but it sounds funny, well from the way you guys are talking about it." I said still holding my elbow and waiting for his response. I was never shy around guys, never have been and probably won't ever be. But when I crush I blush, and that gives me away. Well if my close friends were at this brand new school, they would give me away.
"Cool." he said nodding his head and turning to look at Mario and continue the conversation. I took a deep breath turning around. We got to the hallway in front of Mr. Kibler's room and I smiled. The boys up front told us the door was locked. But Mr. Kibler rounded the corner from the steps.
"Is it locked?" he asked, I leaned on the front of the lockers, and James looked around a moment then leaned on the locker next to me. I smirked watching Mr. Kibler walk towards his room just as the boys' realized the door was unlocked. Me, James, Mario, Tyler, and Jessica all laughed.
We walked into the room and I sat down before James did. I watched as he sat down but averted my eyes as I looked around the room locating Mr. Kibler. Mr. Kibler was on of those chubby teachers, not tubby but chubby, he had a beard that attached to his mustache that grew only on his face. Surprisingly the funny, cheerful man wasn't married. But then again he was a comic freak, go figure.
But then I found myself staring off but staring off at James. It took me a few moments to zone back in and realize Jessica and the rest of the class was working feverishly on their worksheet. I began working, which now that I realized it signaled for James to stop staring at me and begin working. Although I'm not sure if he was staring at me or not. I'm going to say for my self confidence, he was. Even though he probably wasn't.
I finished my work about the same time James did and asked Mr. Kibler if I could use the restroom. He said yes and I walked to the bathroom not needing to go. I was going to fix my frizzy hair. Quickly I parted the piece of hair that hung on the side of my face, with my fingers, and pulled the lower half into my pony tail. It made my hair look less frizzy, and the reason it was frizzy was because I go in for perms, and relaxers, every two weeks, and I had to straighten my hair the first week of school, because I got chlorine in my hair. Just my luck huh? Of course it is.
I stared at myself in the tall mirror. My dark Capri looked nice. My light blue shirt was pretty and not clinging to me like most girls. My light Portugal skin was dotted with small amount of acne, I smiled at my reflection combing through the hair in the ponytail that went to my upper back.
I washed my hands after pulling the ponytail promptly to the right side of my head. It was there because It gave me layered looking hair and that's how I've always put it. As soon as I walked out of the bathroom I remembered to put my bracelets back on. They're were only three, and they were cheap plastic beaded ones. But they were mine.
I walked back into the classroom and gained a look from about half the class. I simply walked to my seat. As usual the people went back to their work, they'd only looked up to see the person who entered. I quickly slid into my seat and Mr. Kibler announced.
"We are going to switch seats, because that back group, with Zack and Velina and the rest of you. I can't trust you all." Mr. Kibler said pointing a finger to the back. I instantly shot a glare at them. I was perfectly happy with sitting in front of James, and next Jessica. I sighed and waited for my new seating.
I thankfully now sat at the table next to James, right across from him. But Velina, a full out Witch with a B was dangling all the attention to herself. Stealing his binder and writing her name on it.
I took a deep breath and waited for the end of the period. When it came I gladly went with my newest friend Jessica down to the band room.
As usual we were greeted with the most annoying kid in band.
"Hi guys." Aidan said smiling and waving a hand stiffly, he smiled his buck teeth overlapping his lips. His messy curly hair that sat in a ruined afro on his head. We laughed and scoffed once.
"Aidan." We said simultaneously. Jessica was only a few inches shorter than me and had long blonde hair. She was an amazing ball of sunshine and looked like she was eight. She also loved to talk with her hands.
Our band teacher had a sprained ankle, because of the fire drill. She had walked off the sidewalk and sprained it. So we got off easy. Next was lunch. Everyone's most hyper, and social, class of the day.
Me and Jessica quickly went through the line and I looked around the cafeteria. I found where we had set our binders and noticed where, Devin, James, and my sixth grade crush Zach, were sitting. They weren't sitting together. They probably wouldn't ever sit together. They were three totally different guys.
Jessica and me were hyper after eating our lunch and we went crazy. There was a banana that one of the girls had eaten that was rotten and spoiled, and the other one not eaten and fully intact, and bright yellow. Me and Jessica thought alike and fought over the banana. I won and picked up the banana.
"Ring, Ring, Hello?" I asked into the banana. "I love this banana phone!" I squealed. I handed it to Jessica, who then lost it to one of the girls. She ripped the banana despite our pleas and began to put it near her mouth.
"No!" I squealed along with Jessica. "Give me the banana phone! I'll eat it I promise!" I pleaded grabbing at the banana. She handed it to me and I turned around feeling someone standing behind me. I sat dumbfounded.
It was James he had his eyebrow up under his brown hair and his eyes were soft and almost amused. James shook his head and pushed his hair to the side of his head. He had come from across the lunch room to get some ketchup and saw us fighting over a banana phone. I turned around silently and sighed. James walked away according to what Jessica later told me. She didn't know I liked him and she probably wouldn't ever. It took me three years to tell my ex-best friend that I liked Devin. Forget about lasting a whole entire school year with Jessica trying to tell her.
I took a bite of the banana. I was almost finished when I gagged on the last bite. I laughed and sighed as we were dismissed from lunch and went to remediation.
It was basically study hall. So I sat in front of Zach and next to Tyler. Who by now on the third day of school, I think I'm starting to like and moving away from Zach. I sat in remediation, we were doing a small testing thing. I finished first out of everyone and spent it watching Tyler finish. He smiled when he noticed and continued working. I smiled and sat happily in my seat as I watched my homeroom teach Mr. Zimmerman, he was my least favorite because he is my math teacher. As the class finished me and Tyler started talking about, only the sky knows what. Tyler held his hands in between his knees and in between his small pauses were, Uh's. He had dimples and brown eyes. He had one of those small boy hair cuts that fringed up at the front. Him and Zach could have been brothers if Zach had smaller teeth.
Am I starting to like Tyler or not? I asked myself mentally as the Remediation ended and we all headed down to our classes.

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