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A bit more about me
Well as the title said a little bit more about me
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why?

Stranger: eating

You: Idk finishing halloweentown

Stranger: xDD

You: then sleeping

You: haha because I have like 3 hours left no way to spend that

Stranger: i would trash the mall.

You: jk I'd probably get in my mom's van go find my friends and

You: go to the park with a camera and live it the heck up

You: I'd have wasted life in school haha

Stranger: seriously ._.

You: yeah I would

You: I don't have a permit yet

You: but I can drive pretty damn good anyway haha

Stranger: xDDD

Stranger: oh!

Stranger: err nvm

You: haha

Stranger: lost the idea

You: haha Idk what else

Stranger: :OO

Stranger: i would kill zombies

You: oh I'd go to dairy qqueen if it was open and get ice cream

Stranger: COLD STONE!!!

Stranger: hell yes

You: haha whhattt?

Stranger: its a creamery, like Dairy Queen but they make up their own recepies

You: ohhh

Stranger: we have a lot of them in florida

You: I would go to SunniSkys(same as your cold stone place)

You: and steal a bunch of ice cream because it's home run and it's closed at night

Stranger: xDDD

Stranger: i would stuff my face with things my mother would kill me if i ate

Stranger: it

You: haha

You: I'd probably write a few notes too

You: ORRRRR go on a road trip somewhere

You: within in an hour of where we are

You: and spend the rest of the night in a place i'd never been

You: duuuude that would be the best

Stranger: that would be!

You: Yeah I'd text everyone and tell them the situation and ask who was in...probably no one

Stranger: oh oh! i have the easiest answer now!

You: but I'd go by myself too

You: go! then telllll haha

Stranger: i would have sex.

Stranger: just to feel it since you know, the world is ending anyways, might as well

You: I was about to say that tooo haha like 5 minutes ago

You: I was going to be like. lose. virginity.why of course

Stranger: xDD

You: haha

You: I'd do the road ttrip and find somewhere to go and get some exotic person and be like sex?

You: haha

Stranger: xDDD hell yeah!

You: haha

Stranger: i would tell the guy i like that i like him

You: I would too but I mean it's not like it would matterrr my guy I like would be asleep he wouldn't answer in time

You: haha

You: I might go to his house

You: but that would be creepy

Stranger: xDD not if the world were ending!

Stranger: i would go up to him and be like "love me bi---h!!"

You: Idk haha I'd come over be like 'you wanna hang out' 'no wtf I was asleep' 'oh well I figured I was dying and you are awake now'

You: HAHAHA omg that would be beast

Stranger: xDDD

Stranger: i can't think of anything else after that

You: Idk either

You: I'd probably come home leave the car in the drive way and lay down on that last minute everything written and done and go to sleep

You: or I'd hide somewhere else so it wouldn't be so scary for anyone in my family

Stranger: if the world would be ending like Zombieland, i would buy guns first, seure my house, and sleep with the people i love.

Stranger: *secure

You: well I'd get bored and go crazy so I'd die of anxiety

You: haha

Stranger: i would go to the fair during the day! not repeating the girls' mistake!

You: I haven't seen zombieland yet so idk

Stranger: oooh

Stranger: well xDD watch, its retty dam god

Stranger: *good

You: haha maybe I will

You have disconnected.

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