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Hush,You love it.

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Disjointed Chapter one.
She idly sketched the tree in front of her , nose wrinkling in annoyance as she couldn't get a branch to do the exact twist she wanted. Her thigh was lightly bandaged in gauze and sometimes she'd take a moment to look down at it and think about the other night. It had been odd, waking up in the warm bathwater, and allowing herself to stay near something she had feared.

She set her tablet down on the patio table and made her way inside where it was cool and dark. She still wasn't used to calling this her home yet,even though she had already been there a couple months. Perhaps it was because she was still waiting for it to all fall apart- that was her problem! She needed to stop thinking like that, distancing herself..She was never going to connect with anyone with that attitude. She poured a glass of water and ran fingers through her mussed hair,blowing at a piece as it landed on her nose. Speaking of anyone...Where *was* he? Her boots clunked against linolium and she lightly kicked the bedroom door fully open. She leaned against the frame, sipping her water. ''...It's 12 in the afternoon, are you going to get up willingly or am I going to have to use the force?'',she sounded serious but her eyes twinkled mischiviously. The young man grumbled something into his pillow and pulled the covers over his head, ignoring her. She finished off the water and prowled into the bedroom, setting the glass on the nightstand. ''Last chance, come willingly or am I using the force?'' He again mumbled, something souning oddly like ''c**k'' mixed into the jumble of words. She was just about to jump on him when long arms shot out, wrapping around her and dragging her in bed with him. She squeaked and laughed, head finding the crook in his neck.
''mmn get up!'', she whined, lightly squirming when he held her too tight. He loosened his grip and stroked her hair.''Oh I am~'', he raised an eyebrow suggestively and she lightly punched him on the shoulder, blushing a light pink. She still wasn't used to it! ''Shuddup I didn't mean that!'', he chuckled lightly at how flustered she was.''Cutie.''

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By one she had managed to drag him out of bed and outside into the sunshine. She sighed contently, and let the warmth dance across her face. Blue eyes watched her ,amused with how happy someone could be with just the bloody sun. She was getting tan, tanner than he was and he'd lived here all his life. Heh...He shook his head and stretched out.
She nonchalantly watched him as he watched her, the people watching game. It had taken months to fully trust him, making her feel guilty because she felt it should have fully been there instead of guarded. Nothing more unattractive like a guarded heart. At least she was over that hurtle now, though she did feel a bit bad for bringing some of her emotional baggage over with her. Customs should have confiscated it...She laughed,grinning at the odd humor. He looked at her curiously and she grinned.'' I was just thinking about the emotional baggage I brought over..And I was thinking customs should have confiscated it..Maybe it's because I didn't declare it?'', agian she burst into laughter, and he cracked a smile. She had such weird humor..Not that he didn't too. He pulled her into a hug and kissed her head,resting his chin on the top of it.''The baggage is part of you too, you know? I don't mind.''

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