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Hush,You love it.

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The Walking Dead
About a month or so ago, I started watching Walking Dead....
I'm finally all caught up on both seasons, and I just love it...XD
I've read a bunch of good fan literature too, and,,,,GAHHHH..Just so much love!
Anyways, I got a thought in my head the other night...What if during their short time at the CDC, they had played Left For Dead 2, in the gaming center or something? Just entertain the notion a moment....It'd go something like this:

Daryl: (Starring as Ellis) God damn! These thing's are ev'n worse than the geeks here.
Shane: (Starring as Nick) Shut up an shoot! Theyre ********' all around me man, back me up!
Glenn: (starring as Rochelle) Guy's! Chill out and follow me down this alley way! Daryl, throw the Molotov!
Daryl: Whu..? How?
Glenn: Press down on the D-pad and press to the right! Hurry up!
Daryl: -Does as such- Now what? It ain't throwin!
Glenn: -sighs and rolls eyes taking controller a moment. Presses trigger and sends it flying, before handing back controller and hacking away at a zombie with a guitar- Remember that for next time. Haha, these things *are* a bit more terrifying than the geeks here, though really they don't bite.
Shane: Yeah, they just beat up on you and make your health go to s**t.-walking by a witch- Why is that one crying? -flash light shines upon her-
Witch: MYREHHHH!-runs towards him and knocks him down scratching at him and totally raping his health-
Shane: WHAT THE ********! Someone ******** help me! -pressing at controls, panicked-
Glenn: -laughing- Pftttt, Don't startle the witch man!
Daryl: Lawl -southern drawl-
Glenn and Shane: -pause game to look at him a moment-
Daryl: What..? I learned it offa that facebook s**t someone made me get..Before the damn outbreak.
Glenn and Shane: -snickers and unpauses game-
Glenn: Well, looks like your dead Shane. I seemingly forgot the defib, unit back at the carousel.
Shane: -tosses controller and glares at lightly- I'll remember that when were facin' the real thing kid.
Glenn: -gulps, continues playing-
Daryl: -rolls eyes and pats Glenn on back- I got cha. Cept' not now..Because I died too...-hadn't been paying attention-
Glenn: Well s**t! Guess I'm on my own.. -continues playing, hacking through zombies with a samurai sword he had swapped the guitar with-
---------------------------------------Short while later-----------------------------------
Glenn: ANDREA! Don't shoot your team mates! It makes their health go down!
Andrea: (Now starring as Nick) -glares at T-dog- Well if someone wouldn't of lit me on fire when he through the Molotov..a**.
T-dog: (Now starring as coach) I'm sorry man! I told you to move out the way..
Daryl: -aiming with sniper rifle- -grin and takes out three zombies with rapid fire head shots- Haha! I think I'm gettin the hang of this..
Glenn: -mumble- Two hours later yeah.
Daryl: What was that china man? -swings Ellis around to look at Rochelle- -aim-
Glenn: I'm Korean! -also aim's-
Daryl and Glenn: -begins shooting at each other-
T-Dog: Guys! Uh.. Zombies?
Andrea: Seriously! Were being over run! This would be terrible if we were actually in this game..
T-Dog: Yeah man.. I prefer the walkers to these thing's... They creepy..er..Creepier..
Daryl: I prefer neither of em' but if I had to choose, I'd choose the geeks.
-As everyone slowly begins to die off-
Glenn: -shuts off game- I'm done for now..No more zombies.-looking through games- Ohh, They have Call Of Duty!
Rick: -walking by- Did someone say Call Of Duty?
Glenn: Come on in and play!
-End Scene-

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