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Hush,You love it.

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Disjointed Chapter Three
Vodafone hates her, and she knows it. She flipped her phone around in her hands before throwing it on the bed carelessly. Four months in and she still couldn't get it to cooperate with her, or her American phone card. She sighed and tugged her laptop over to her, powering it on and waiting disinterestedly. It sluggishly booted up and she typed in her password, waiting for her homescreen to appear. Four months in and she'd changed so much....

Four months in and she still had trouble with currency, using the stupid bus, and remembering what part of Sydney she needed to be at for her classes. She hadn't expected it to be easy, and rarely did she complain when in the presence of people. She tapped the internet button twice and waited for her homepage to load up,fingers twisting the chain on her necklace restlessly.
Youtube loaded; and dance music playing she pranced around the small apartment, twirling around occasionally. Sometimes she loved being home alone for awhile, enjoying the small privacy to dance around like an idiot until she heard the click of a lock sliding out of place. Upon hearing it she'd quickly dart to the room and turn off the music, sitting down on the bed breathlessly trying not to look suspicious.
She'd been caught at it before. The music was up so high that the occasional heavy bass made the walls shake some. She'd been listening to 'All Around The World' whilst washing the dishes, shaking her a** to the song playfully. She didn't hear the lock click, or the door open- she just kept dancing and washing.
'' LALALALAAAAAAAA LALALALAA ALLALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'', she laughed as she sang, moving her hips as she placed clean dishes on the drying rack. He leaned against the doorframe, smirking amusedly . So..This is what she did when she was alone. He watched for a few moments and the song changed to something a bit slower. She swayed her hips to the beat and sang softly,finishing off the dishes and turning- eyes locking onto his. She blushed and turned away, darting off to turn the music off. He smiled and shook his head, throwing his bag onto the counter. Maybe one day she'd learn; it wasn't a thing to be embarrased over.
That was four months ago and it wasn't anything personal. She heard the door click and she slowed-body turning to head back to the room to turn it off. She paused, shrugged and resumed dancing, smiling lightly.
Four months and she could: Join a soccer team, work as a proper waitress in a real resuraunt, mature, drive on the left side of the street,be herself and no one else, and now; dance around and not give a feck who saw. Imagine that. Amd that's not even the begininng.

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